Primate and Hominin Skulls Essay

Based off the information given in table 1 a number of trends in characteristics can be identified from the APIPA anabas to the Homo understandings. There is a significant trend towards a taller and more vertical posture; this is supported by information gathered on locomotion. Starting from the monkey APIPA anabas on the far left of the table, it’s movement is quadruped as it moves on all four limbs.

Moving right of the table a transition from quadruped to bipedal becomes noticeable as the Pan troglodyte becomes capable of walking on its leg to the human who fully depends on its legs for movement. Part 2: Primate and Hominid Skulls .Upon brief examination of images displaying an Staphylococcus Africans (Mrs. Poles) and modern human skull, a number of key differences could be identified. Anatomical differences such as a relatively high forehead (frontal lobe) and prominent brow ridge are obvious on the anterior view of Mrs. Poles, while a lateral view of the skull demonstrates a smaller cranial capacity and the presence of a prominent bulge known as a occipital bun. A diagonal and elongated front can also be clearly identified from the lateral view of Mrs.

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Poles. In comparison to the modern human skull, similar characteristics can be observed, however some are less reorient.A lower but larger forehead and subtle brow ridge is shown on the anterior view, while a flat elongated front can be seen from the lateral view of the modern human skull. An occipital bun is also absent on the back of the skull.

After further examination of physical interpretations of the same skulls in the Bobbie museum, additional differences in features were determined. The overall size of the two skulls was confirmed and the modern human skull proved to be significantly larger than Mrs. Poles. The axiomatic bone of Mrs.

Poles was protruded and pointed outwards, while the same bone on the modern skull was more subtle and flattened.


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