Prisons Make Criminals Worse Essay

Prisons make felons worse. and should be abolished The modern prison system was developed in the nineteenth century. The system had three basic purposes: to insulate. penalize and reform the inmates. However. in the last 20 old ages. there has been a crisp addition in the figure of captives and prisons have come to be normally criticized for being “universities of crime” .

This essay attempts to measure the effectivity of prisons. whether they really make felons worse. or whether they offer a opportunity at improvement. This portion of the essay trades with the advantages of the prison system. There are three evident bene?ts to seting inmates into prisons. First. they provide penalty by want of their freedom.

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Second. the wrongdoers are segregated from the remainder of the society and so can non re-offend. And 3rd. they are given the possibility to take portion in assorted developing programmes. which gives them the opportunity to reform.However. there are a figure of drawbacks as good.

First of all. prisons appear to be neglecting in the twenty-first century. Second. the prison population is lifting steadily in many states and at the same clip many captives return to prison. Third.

few prisons are really able to offer effectual reform programmes. And ?nally. prison conditions are frequently barbarous and degrading. To sum up. even though there are all these serious disadvantages in the whole system. the pros outweigh the cons. as it would look impossible life in a society in which people with condemnable record mingle with those who do non hold it. and are therefore in direct danger of meeting the inmates.

It would look that the solution to the job is non the inquiry of whether prisons should be abolished or should be here to remain. but instead how to do the whole system more effectual. One such manner could be the effort to come up with thoughts that would straight better the current province of things for case thought about where and how to obtain more money to pass on the preparation systems. or run bar undertakings that are targeted non at captives themselves.

but at people who live in debatable countries and are therefore at hazard of going felons.


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