Problem-solution on child labor Sample Essay

Child labour is an increasing job in the universe. The kids who work in mills are more likely to go physically and mentally developing than kids who go to school. Asia and Africa have over 90 % of the kids who work in the universe. These topographic points besides have the highest decease rate for kids 10-16 old ages old. That isn’t a happenstance due to the fact over 60 % of kids who work at mills die before they earn $ 1. 000. The major ground for these deceases is they live in poorness. Major companies ( i. e. NIKE ) take advantage of this by engaging kids and paying them less money than grownups. This is a major job and it can be solved.

To work out this job. we. the people of the universe. would necessitate an international limitation on the on the job age. With these limitations in topographic point worldwide. we would be able to implement them better. The enforcement must come from an indifferent group with delegates from every state ( a group much like the UN ) . By utilizing an indifferent group. it would be harder to hold a state non obey and enforce the jurisprudence. We would besides hold to hold developed states. such as England and America. assist the undeveloped states by back uping schools and giving kids a valid ground to travel ( i. e. free nutrient and free text editions ) . We have to make this with the realisation that the child’s income is equal to ? of the households income and that some kids work in order to travel to school. By giving them a free repast and books for instruction. you alleviate the ground they work.

Developing states around the universe have kids working in mills to assist back up their households. Many of these kids don’t have a childhood filled with merriment and games because they are caught in the incubus of child labour. This simple solution can alter the lives and dreams of the many kids who work for merely $ 0. 11 a twenty-four hours or less by giving them an instruction and hope for a brighter hereafter.

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