Produce a report on climatic conditions and their effects on worldwide destinations for tourism Essay

I have been asked to produce a report about climatic conditions and their effects to worldwide destinations.- Climatic conditionsEarthquakes – Earthquakes are a shaking, trembling or concussion of the earth which makes the earth vibrate due to causes of underground volcanic movement which makes a certain rumbling noise. The wave shock can sometimes move half a hemisphere. This can destroy many towns/cities and many thousand lives. They can also be called earth din, earthquakes and earth shocks.- Droughts – Most rainfall depends on water vapour carried by winds from an ocean or other source of moisture. If these moisture-carrying winds are replaced by winds from a dry region, or if they are modified by downward motion, as in the centre of an anticyclone, the weather is abnormally dry and often persistently cloudless. Its also a period or condition of unusually dry weather within a geographic area where rainfall is normally present.

– Hurricanes – A hurricane occurs when a storm starts to brew over the ocean. As it makes contact with warm ocean waters – if the temperature of the water is above 26.5 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit) – the storm’s heat and energy intensify. Winds rotate counter clockwise around a calm centre (the “eye”). When the sustained speed of the winds reaches 74 mi (119 km) per hour, the storm is officially classified as a hurricane.

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– Flooding- A combination of storms, tides and low air pressure, Flooding is normally caused by natural weather events such as: heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, mainly over a short period rivers or oceans overflowing their banks. Also occurs when a large amount of snow melts and causes a flood.How they can effect travel to world wide destinationsClimatic conditions such as earthquake, flooding, drought, hurricane and many others, have a huge affect on travel to worldwide destination because:- Flights would be cancelled.- Tourists would be afraid of going to the country that is suffering those climatic conditions.

– If the tourist is already in the country he/she could get affected like everyone else in the country.- Tourists would have problems on going back to their own countries- Delayed flightsThe most important impact that weather has on travel is its effect on the physical process of travelling long distances. When travelling by air, weather is extremely important as an unexpected storm can easily cause delays. Travellers must go to the right place on the right time so they don’t get affected by a natural disaster, when they actually should be enjoying their holiday.

Seasonal Variations (Scenarios)A family (2 adults and 2 kids) going for a summer holiday in Ibiza-Spain.Good time to go:For a summer holiday, the best time for them to go is in June, July and August because it’s going to be hot and sunny (27 – 28 degrees).Bad time to go:December, January and February are not the best months for them to go to Spain if they’re expecting a very hot and sunny summer holiday. (10 – 11 degrees)If there’s too hot in Spain there is a possibility for the country to suffer a drought and the family may be affected if that happen. On the 7th of June of 2006 Spain suffered of a very bad drought, the drought was spread unevenly across the country.A group of teenagers going to Austria for skiing during for the winter holiday.Good time to go:The best time for the group to go to Austria for that occasion is in January and February because the climate is going to be cold and it’s also going to be snowing (-4 – -5 degrees).

Bad time to go:A heavy snow is not avoided to happen in Austria during January or February. In 7th of January 2004 Austria suffered of a heavy snow that covered a big area of the countryIn March 2008 Storm Emma hit Austria on Saturday morning with top wind speeds of up to 190 kilometres per hour in mountainous regions.March is a dangerous time to go to Austria, this storm killed one person.A couple going to New York for their honeymoon.

Good time to go:The best season for that moment is the spring which is going to be in March, May, and April. The climate; raining, cold, mild cloudy and the temperature is between 7 – 8 degrees .Bad time to go:In August 2010 Hurricane Earl threatened New York city sending vacationers home early and prompting some officials to ready evacuation plans in case of storm-related flooding.A group of students travelling for culture to New EnglandGood time to go:Best time for them to go is in September and October (autumn) because the climate is going to be cool sun, rain, winds… and the temperature is going to be 11 – 12 degrees.Bad time to go:Tornado’s can occur at any time of the year, although they are most common during the summer.

The peak months for the tornado pattern in the Northeast are June through August, with the most tornadoes forming in August.On average the United States experiences 100,000 thunderstorms each year and approximately 1,000 tornadoes develop from these storms. Over 80% of tornadoes strike between noon and midnight.

On average, a tornado will stay on the ground for no more than 20 minutes.Unusual and/or extreme weather conditionsExtreme weather conditions include weather phenomena that are at the extremes of the historical distribution, especially severe or unseasonal weather. The most commonly used definition of extreme weather is based on an events climatology’s distribution. Extreme weather occurs only 5% or less of the time.

According to climate scientists and meteorological researchers, extreme weather events are rare.Extreme heat waves and extreme cold waves are both example of unusual weather conditions. Heat waves are waves within countries giving out abnormally high temperatures. Cold waves are waves within countries that give out abnormally low temperatures both given in different locationsWhen dramatic weather catastrophes increase, it is due the number of severe events, and an increase in population densities which then increase the number of people effected and objects damaged caused by an event of given severity.ConclusionIn this assignment I’ve learnt about different types of climatic conditions and how they can affect worldwide destinations.I’ve also showed the right and the wrong time to travel to specific destinations.


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