Progressive Era Essay

The progressive epoch was a thirty-year period in which the United States was wholly reformed. Actions were taken to better working conditions for labourers and adult females. President Roosevelt and Wilson were both reformists for the rights and voice of the people. Theodore Roosevelt used his presidential term to set ordinances of concerns and do certain the authorities is still higher than corporations.

Individual Reformers and the authorities in the progressive epoch went through a great trade to convey about alteration in the united provinces. with teddy Roosevelt’s trust-busting and political reform. betterment of labourers and goods. and the limitations of child labour and adult females rights. Teddy Roosevelt became known as the great trustbuster. He didn’t acquire this name for no ground. Roosevelt could place which trusts were good and which were bad.

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He could find which trusts helped the people and which 1s hurt them. Roosevelt would run down the bad trusts and take them down.He would destruct the bad trusts and keep the good trusts from going bad trusts. Roosevelt believed that the authorities should patrol the corporations of America. ( A ) . He took the Sherman Anti-trust act and enforced it so that companies could monetary value their merchandises and do certain non one company could non take control of the market. He did this by making the Clayton anti-trust act to maintain ordinances on anti-competiveness.

( E ) Roosevelt besides believed in altering the ways that politicians were elected. Senators in peculiar were being corrupted because functionaries were naming them.He believed that the US senate was merely a nine fundamentally for high privileged people. This lead to the transition of the seventeenth amendment which said that direct election of senators was to be the new manner of choosing who would be in the US Senate. ( D ) This amendment got the people involved even more with political relations and gave them more of a say in authorities.

Politically the authorities was reformed with the US senate. and the trust busting and doing certain that the authorities was a constabulary force to large corporations. Laborers in the progressive epoch had it unsmooth.They were non treated with regard. or the consideration that they deserve. The goods that were produced were non of quality and contained harmful risky stuffs. Upton Sinclair was a mudslinger who wrote The Jungle.

a book about the horribleness of the meat packing industry. The meat packing industry was a barbarous and insanitary manner of life. The people who worked in the industry were subjected to disease such as TB and awful on the job conditions. The workers were nescient of the relationship of disease and cleanliness.

They didn’t understand that a on the job status should be clean and non filled with disease. A batch of the workers had tuberculosis while they worked. and it would acquire in the meat that they work with. which provided for insecure meat for people to eat. ( B ) In other concerns it was merely the same. Labors were ne’er treated reasonably.

Up until late labourers were non even allowed to travel on work stoppage. The authorities was non assisting people ; they were remaining out of concern personal businesss. Up until the age of reform. and the progressive epoch.The authorities was so seeking to assist out labourers and give them rights. Child labourers and women’s rights were besides two large things that came up during the progressive epoch. Children were expected to work aboard adult work forces.

They were subjected to the same rough conditions as the grownups. Children were non able to be educated because they had to work in the mills.A batch of kids merely went to school for a short clip.

The pedagogues acted as if the industrial work was good for kids. So kids had to travel through awful disease ridden conditions of work. C ) The kids were non helped by the instance of Hammer vs.

Dagenhart which ruled that child labour is non a authorities job ; it is to be judged by the province legislative assemblies. Even some parents felt like it was their childs responsibility to work. and that the kids should work. ( G ) Finally nevertheless the kids were set free from the bondage of labour. But adult females were still subjected to favoritism. Womans at this clip didn’t have really many rights. Women want to be treated every bit and to hold a say in authorities.

Women right to vote was large at this clip.They felt like they could non make anything with the life that they had. So they pushed for reform. which was non go oning at this clip. It was unusual since the progressive epoch was a large reforming clip.

( H ) The progressive epoch was a clip of great alteration for the US. It came in the political with the trust busting and the senate vote. it came in the betterment of labourers. and it came in the manner kid labourers were treated and the adult females motion. The progressive epoch was large and it made people truly understand what the US was all about.


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