Project Proposal for Hospital Management System Group Members Usama Ayub

Project Proposal
Hospital Management System
Group Members
Usama Ayub (400388)
Shahzad Durrani(400389)
Haseeb Ashraf(400416)
Submitted to Dr Imran Ahmed
Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u Chapter 1 PAGEREF _Toc313887676 h 3Project Plan PAGEREF _Toc313887677 h 3 Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc313887678 h 3Objectives and concentrations: PAGEREF _Toc313887679 h 4Scope and limitations: PAGEREF _Toc313887680 h 4Project Organization (The team): PAGEREF _Toc313887681 h 5Risk analysis and risk planning: PAGEREF _Toc313887682 h 5Hardware and software Requirements: PAGEREF _Toc313887683 h 6Work break down: PAGEREF _Toc313887684 h 7Schedule: PAGEREF _Toc313887685 h 8Monitoring and reporting mechanisms: PAGEREF _Toc313887686 h 8Project management approach: PAGEREF _Toc313887687 h 9
Chapter 1Project Plan1.1) Introduction:This document will propose all features and procedures to develop the system.

This document specially containing details about objectives, scope limitation, process model, primary requirements, team development, possible project risks, project schedule, and finally monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

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Online Clinic Appointment System is the appointment system developed using PHP and MySQL. The project title given 24X7 Hospital Management System where patients can take appointment through online and track their records through it. 24X7 Hospital Management System is web based application which covers all aspects of management and operations of clinics. This website covers Doctors profile, Patients profile, Online appointments, Patient treatment reports, Prescription report, billings, Clinical tests, etc.

Objectives and concentrations:Corporate between the data stored in the server of the Clinic and our 24X7 Hospital Management System. To deal with 24X7 Hospital Management System in an easy way and an efficient mannered. (connection process)
Create strong and secrete data base that allow for any connection in a secret way, to prevent any outside or inside attacks.

patient can register to the system by entering profile details, then they can login to the system by entering login credentials. The patient can take appointment after the login.
Patient can check appointment details (Approved or pending), treatment details and prescription details.

Scope and limitations:24X7 Hospital Management System is designed to use in Hospitals and clinics (individuals or multi)
The system handles all the operations, and allows both Patient and doctor to manage profile and appointments respectively.
Allow Patients to see the doctor charges and doctor can change his appointment charges anytime.

Allows Patient to subscribe different health forums managed by clinic or hospital doctors.

1.2) Project Organization (The team): Job Title Description
1 Project Manager To manage all processes in the project
2 SW Designer To design the models and diagrams that helps the programmer in implementation phase.

3 Two Testers One from outside the team and the other from the inside the project team.

4 Two programmers Professional in SQL to design the backend.

Professional in PHP to design the frontend.

5 SW Analyst To analyze the requirements of Hospital Management System.

1.3) Risk analysis and risk planning:Project Risks:
Risk Probability Effects Risk planning strategy
The experience staff in the team leave the project before it is finish, or someone was ill. low serious Use more than one staff for each section, which might minimize this risk. Also, manager tries to increase salary for him.

The methodology to solve the problem can’t work in a proper manner. high serious Must be study more than one methodology to minimize this risk.

Budget does not enough or there is no budget. low catastrophic Put a condition in the contract if there any more expenses, the funded side must be pay it. To avoid this risk.

Product Risks:
Risk Probability Effects Risk planning strategy
Packages and Development tools does not enough. high serious Put a condition in the contract to increase the time of project delivery depends on the problem occur. To avoid this risk.

Can’t found the suitable components. high tolerable Programmer must have professional programming skills to write a new code, which minimize this risk.
Business Risks:
Risk Probability Effects Risk planning strategy
Can’t found the suitable place for meeting the team. moderate tolerable Monitoring the work by E-mail every day. To avoid this risk.

Marketing the product system. low catastrophic Distribution of advertisements, which minimize this risk.

1.4) Hardware and software Requirements:Hardware Requirements:
Item Item Count Item price
Computers (laptop) resent version 4 600$ for each one
ADSL Internet provider – 50$ in month
Electricity Generator 2 300$ for each one
Office – 200$ in month
External HD 2 100$ for each one
Team salary 6 500$ per month (5500$)
Software Requirements:
Item Item Count Item price
MS project 5 100$
Office 2007 5 100$
ASP.NET 2 100$
Monitors program 1 100$
Upload services – 72$ in year
Node Anti-virus (the correct version) 5 30$
Another Requirements:
Foods and drinks for ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) 6 10$ for each person in a day (3600$)
Total 13,302$
Work break down:Project manager contracts with the user who demands the system and write a project plan. (three days)
Deliver the draft of project plan documentation to writer to rewrite the documentation and rewrite the document. (three days)
Then gives documentation of project plan to SW analyzer to do more analysis to verify the SRS document requirements. Then delivers SRS document to writer. (twenty-six days)
SW designer gives the SRS document and start to design the diagrams and models that helps the programmer to implement the project. Then delivers the draft design document to writer. (forty-seven days)
The two programmers take a partition of the project to start an implementation. (sixty days)
Throw the implementation the inner tester make validate the system and delivers his report to writer (sixteen days)
After finish the project and throw the implementation phase the outside tester validate the system and write his document then deliver to writer. (sixteen days)
The final report is ready now. (nine days)
-3054353530601.6) Schedule:1.7) Monitoring and reporting mechanisms:The manager should monitor all activities in the project via minimize, avoid the risks or via management control as follows:
Put a table for all SW requirements and print in percentage how much finish.

Using software programming to monitor programmer’s progress.
Using spyware profile to monitor the team.

Using software that calculate how many lines written per hour.

monitoring the risks as follows:
Change the probability and effect.

Delete risks or add a new one depends on the working on project.

1.8) Project management approach:Software Process Model:
To solve an actual problem in an industry, software developer or a team of developers must integrate with a development strategy that include the process, methods and tools layer and generic phases. This strategy is often referred to a process model or a software developing paradigm.
Our project follows the waterfall model.

The steps of waterfall model are:
Requirement Definition
System and Software Design
Integration and System Testing
Operation and Maintenance

Figure (2.1): Waterfall model


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