Psychology of Personality Essay

Psychology of personality is a subdivision of psychological science that focuses on the survey of personality and the single differences.

The chief countries of focal point are normally looking at individual’s psychological procedures. the single differences and analyzing how human behaviour is similar. Personality is normally defined as good organized and dynamic set of features possessed by a individual that distinctively influence the knowledges. behaviour in assorted state of affairss and motives.Since personality is complex and dynamic. assorted psychologists have come up with different theories to explicate the different personality types.

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For the intent of this paper. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and Jung’s theory of personality shall be used to analyse the personality of a lady friend by the name Ann. Since most people have assorted personality upsets. Ann’s personality upset shall besides be analyzed. Freud’s Theory of Personality The Freud’s theory of personality illustrates that personality of a human being is made up of three constructions viz. ; the self-importance.

superego and Idaho.The Idaho contains inherent aptitudes and it is normally unconscious. The self-importance develops after the Idaho and is considered to be the executive subdivision of personality since it uses concluding to do determinations. Both the self-importance and Idaho have no morality but the superego is the construction that contains morality as it takes into history whether something is right or incorrect.

The superego is besides referred as the scruples since it has the ability to judge whether something is right or incorrect. Harmonizing to Freud’s theory of personality. personality is established at around five old ages of age.Surveies suggest that the early childhood experience influence human behaviour and go on to make so through out the whole life ( Mitterer & A ; Coon 2008 ) . Further surveies illustrate that behaviour of a individual develops through a series of childhood phases and the impulsive force during the phases is normally the psychosexual energy. Incase all the phases are completed successfully. healthy personality develops and if non.

arrested development occurs which leads to a personality upset. These phases of development include the anal. unwritten. phallic. latent. and venereal phase.

Some of these phases shall be discussed comprehensively while analysing Ann’s personality. Jung’s Theory of Personality Jung is psychologist who accomplished much but his personality theory of invagination and extraversion gained a batch of acknowledgment and overshadowed the remainder of his work. His theory suggests that invagination and extraversion are opposing attitude types that make a individual to act in a peculiar manner. Harmonizing to this theory of personality. human behaviour is controlled by the invagination and extraversion attitudes.He defines an introvert as person who is rather cognizant of the interior universe and does non give much thought to the external universe. An introvert attitude is normally more concerned with the subjective assessment and considers dreams and phantasies more. On the other manus.

an extravert is normally characterized by the outside motion of the mind energy. An extravert attitude topographic points more importance on the objectiveness and at the same clip additions a batch of influence from the outer environment than the interior cognitive procedures.However. the theory suggests that it is still possible for one individual to hold both attitudes though more frequently than non one must be overshadowed by another.

The four maps of the personality theory viz. . believing. feeling. esthesis and intuition were combined so as to come up with the eight personality types. Discussion Ann is a 20 five twelvemonth old lady who presently works as a research scientist. She is really competent and productive. and since she was employed two old ages ago.

she has received a figure of awards due to her competence.She happens to be the first born in the household of four and has been brought up by really rigorous parents. Though she loves people.

she largely prefers to be entirely and in societal maps she prefers to stay unagitated and lone negotiations with people near to her. She spends most of her leisure clip reading or watching telecasting when she is non analyzing. She can do a really good friend but one time angered she reacts sharply and she can set up a battle really foremost. In add-on. she is rather independent and barely portions her things with other people.However.

many people normally complain of her reserved and cold nature but she is rather orderly and maintains high degree of cleanliness. In application of the Jung’s theory of personality. Ann displays more of an introvert attitude than that of an extravert.

While doing determinations. Ann takes her clip analysing the available options and is non easy influenced by the outside factors which display an introvert attitude as illustrated by Jung’s theory of personality. She frequently makes a determination which suits her best.

without giving much consideration to what others may believe of her.Furthermore she works best while entirely and does non prefer societal maps unless when it is really necessary. A individual with such behaviour is classified as an introvert by the Jung’s theory of personality ( Gelpi 1993 ) . While using the Freud’s theory of personality. some of the behaviour that characterizes Ann’s personality can be attributed to the experiences she passed through during the early childhood phases. The fact that she holds a batch of misgiving toward people illustrates that the attention takers did non feed her on demand during the unwritten phase.

However. during the anal phase. she received the appropriate lavatory preparation hence the ground why she is rather competent. productive and orderly ( Dumont. Wedding & A ; Corsini 2007 ) . Personality Disorder A personality upset is frequently described as an digesting form of interior experiences and behaviour that seems to perverts from individual’s civilization and sets in during early maturity or adolescence phase ( Dobbert 2007 ) . Since most of these behaviours are permeant and besides chronic they normally cause damage in the day-to-day life.A survey of Ann’s life shows that she most likely suffers from a paranoid personality upset.

It is a upset that is characterized by agoraphobia. depression and substance maltreatment as illustrated by the surveies of ( Dobbert. 2007 ) . Ann displays most of the symptoms associate with paranoid upset because she does non trust people. gets angry rapidly particularly if she thinks that she is being deceived. thinks that people are untrusty. she is ever serious and close.

and ever analyse every gesture and conversation to look for the concealed significance.The above mentioned Ann’s personality traits illustrate that she suffers from paranoid personality upset since the same symptoms qualify the upset are portion of the diagnostic standards of the upset. Decision and Recommendation Psychology of personality is really of import since it helps in understanding different personalities as illustrated by the different behaviours. In psychological science.

there are many theories that have been established to explicate different personalities. Despite the fact that all have the same ends some contain controversial thoughts.However. they are still really helpful. In this survey. the Freud’s theory of personality which illustrates that early childhood experiences shape the behaviour of a individual has helped in understanding the personality of Ann. It was possible to infer that her misgiving originates from her unwritten phase as her caretakers did non feed her on demand. Such an experience makes an infant to lose trust on people.

Jung’s theory of personality helps in understanding that the reserved nature of Ann is a consequence of an introspective attitude.In add-on. the survey has been of great aid since it was possible to recognize that Ann’s permeant behaviour of inordinate misgiving is as a consequence of a paranoid personality upset.Mentions Dobbert. L. D.

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