Mackie holds a second order viewpoint of moral skepticism by stating that he isn’t rejecting all moral concepts such that someone of a more first order stance holds, but he is not concerned with those positive or negative moral preferences…

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Neurodegenerationis the progressive loss of structure or function of neurons, including death ofneurons1 .Cellular signaling is important for biological processincluding growth,differentiation,apoptosis.Signal tansduction pathways playmajor role in coordinating complex function of human body.Tyrosinephosphorylation  is  one of the main mechanism in this…

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The microstructure and oxidation behavior of Arc- melted Nb-Si-Ti-Mo based alloy

 [1]SAYANTANISANTRA, [2] KASTURI SALA, [3] RAHUL MITRA        [1] 3rd yearB. TECH student of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, NITDurgapur,[2]  PhD ResearchScholar at IIT Kharagpur , [3]Professor and HOD of Metallurgical andMaterials Engineering Department ,IIT Kharagpur                                                Abstract Nb-silicide basedalloys exhibit superior high…

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1/a/ Respectfulstewards: People who highly concerned about environment. They will pay more foreco-friendly products. This group is most likely to buy Tide Pods even at ahigh price. b/ Eco-chick: people who environmentally concerned but don’tseek for eco-friendly products. They may…

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