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Nocturnal cough Which of the following examination findings would be expected in a patient who also ad sustained ankle colons? . An upcoming great toe when the sole of the foot is stroked 2. Weakness of ankle plantar floors with one-repetition strength testing 3. Absence of sensation to sharp/dull testing over the posterior lower leg 4. Hyperplasia when deep tendon reflexes are elicited in the lower leg Which of the following sensory testing locations corresponds to the C 7 nerve root? 1 . Polar aspect of the little finger (5th digit) 2. Dorsal aspect of the middle finger (3rd digit) 3.

Lateral aspect of the upper arm 4. Medial aspect of the upper arm A 3-month-old infant has poor idling head control.During evaluation, the physical therapist notes facial asymmetry and observes that the infant has limitation of cervical rotation to the left and cervical lateral flexing to the right.

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A radiology report indicates premature fusion of the infant’s cranial sutures. The infant MOST likely has: 1. Right congenital muscular tortillas. 2. Left congenital muscular tortillas. 3.

Right cervical facet habitability. 4. Left cervical facet habitability. A patient had a split-thickness skin graft for a partial-thickness burn injury to the upper extremity.

The surgeon has requested range-of-motion exercises for the patient. Currently, the patient is able to actively move the upper extremity through one-third of the range of motion for shoulder flexing. Based on this finding, what is the MOST appropriate action for the physical therapist to take at this time? 1 .

Defer any range-of-motion exercises until the patient is able to participate more actively. 2. Begin active assisted range-of- motion exercises. 3. Begin bed mobility training to facilitate increased use of the upper extremity 4.

Continue with active range-of-motion exercises. Which of the following modalities BEST addresses the cause of calcify tendonitis in the bacterial with acetic acid at 60 ma/minute 3. High-volt pulsed electrical stimulation at 200 ups 4. Diathermy with a parallel treatment set-up To minimize skin irritation during functional electrical nerve stimulation, a physical therapist should use: 1 . Lower intensity, larger interconnected distance, and larger electrodes.

2. Lower intensity, larger interconnected distance, and smaller electrodes. Higher intensity, smaller interconnected distance, and smaller electrodes. 4. Lower intensity, smaller interconnected distance, and larger electrodes. Manual muscle testing of a patient’s pelvic floor muscles reveals a grade of Poor (2/5). Which of the following positions is BEST to begin strengthening? 1 . Supine 2.

Standing 3. Seated 4. Walking During an examination of elbow strength using manual muscle testing, a patient aspirates the forearm when attempting elbow flexing.

Which of the following muscles is MOST likely doing the major part of the work? 1.Biceps brachia 2. Brachia 3.

Aspirator 4. Aphrodisiac’s During evaluation of a patient’s balance, a physical therapist gently pushes the patient backward slightly and observes how the patient recovers from the perturbation. What strategy is the patient MOST likely to use to correct for the perturbation? 1. Knee 2. Hip 3. Ankle 4.

Stepping Which of the following findings BEST describes normal capillary filling? 1 . Rebound visitation after icing 2. Blood pressure of 120/76 mm Hug 3. Pulse geometry measurement of 98% 4. Blanching of the nail bed with color return in


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