Public Opinion Sample Essay

In today’s society.

public sentiment polls are used to support and reason against about every conceivable issue. They are used to find who is the taking campaigner in elections. if the people support those they do elect. if films. telecasting and other media merchandises are any good. or at least desirable and they determine what sort of merchandises we as consumers want to buy.

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besides to find the presidential blessing evaluation. The lone job with these polls is that they don’t ever express the public’s true sentiment. That is one of the many statement that Carl Cannon makes.

Today more than of all time the authorities has been trusting on polls taken by the people to run the state. In Carl M. Cannon’s article called Hooked on Polls. he writes about the concerns he has for today’s authorities and how it runs. He believes that public sentiment polls are ruling issues for our state.

Which means that the authorities is trusting on public sentiment polls manner excessively much. The figure of polls used by politicians is really high. which are used to run our authorities. and the effects from it can be really negative.The authorities that we have right now is a representative democracy where elected functionaries govern the people and the people do non straight vote on the issues.

The elective functionaries decide and vote on issues and will hopefully stand for the people in which he or she was elected to stand for. By holding the people vote on every individual subject. our authorities would be a direct democracy. This is precisely what the Framers of the Constitution did non desire.

They believed that the populace was non smart plenty to vote on every issue. The job that arises from this is that the people are non educated plenty to take on the duty. The people can non and should non vote on issues such as foreign policy. where the people may non cognize plenty cognition about the issue to do a good and educated determination on it.

The ground our authorities is set up the manner it is. is because that our state is can be ran by smart elected people who have good cognition about a certain issue and will able to take our state into success by doing smart determinations.By doing determinations entirely based on public sentiment polls.

the popular ballot will be of a prejudices and uneducated common individual. The ineffectualness of public sentiment polls were shown in 1990 when Iraqi armored combat vehicles overran Kuwait and public sentiment showed that American people were strongly against the thought of directing in military personnels. But President Bush still sent in US military personnels. even though the bulk of the American populace was against it. We can merely conceive of what would hold happened if Bush did non direct in US military personnels to Iraq.

but a month after the ordeal. President Bush’s blessing evaluation was a record high. besides was the support of the war.

Our state depends on people to stand for us through hard issues and non by bulk regulation from public sentiment polls. By holding polls run what our authorities does. turns our nation’s politicians into followings than leaders. This wholly defeats the beliefs held by the Framer of the Constituion.When a politician proposes an thought to the general populace and the people reject or dislike the thought. the politician will so utilize a public sentiment polls to amend the thought so that it will appeal to the populace. Within a certain canvass. many mistakes can happen.

For illustration. the patron of the canvass could be inquiring inquiries in a manner that the individual who takes the canvass will reply a certain manner. If an accurate canvass must be taken. a inquiry must be worded every bit impersonal as possible to accomplish the most accurate of consequences. Nowadays. a public canvass has become a manner of life. If we turn on the telecasting. there is ever a intelligence webs carry oning polls and demoing us an inaccurate response.

Many Scholars today. believe that polls have changed the manner our authorities works for the bad.The Framers of the Constitution and Cannon positions are really similar. When the Constriction was being drafted. James Madison and the other Framers of the Constitution were really disquieted that our authorities would let cabals and bulk parties to take over and regulation.

This concern was besides expressed in The Federalist No. 10. They believed that a direct democracy would make bulk cabals that would govern over all the minorities. Madison wrote in his essay. The Federalist No. 10 that by holding a big democracy. than “wise people: would be elected to stand for the citizens of the state. By holding these “wise people” run the authorities they would be able to judge what is right and what is incorrect and besides be able to judge how certain issues should be dealt with.

This is precisely how Cannon feels in his article. He is concern that direct democracy is easy incorporating into our current system through public sentiment polling. Pollss should be used as one component in a politician’s determination on an issue so that he can acquire a sense of how the populace is experiencing. but now the lone component. Cannon agrees with these Framers and feels that by holding so many polls taking topographic point. the authorities is get downing to be run by the people and non the politicians.

Which fundamentally means that we are easy turning into a direct democracy system.Walter Lippmann wrote an article entitled. The Phantom Public. in the early twentieth century. In his article he talks about the uneducated and disinterest the populace has for authorities and governmental issuers. He besides explains that the common individual can non.

if he or she wanted. run the state. Basically he is stating that the common American citizen is stupid. It is ideal to hold all citizens to be involved with the governmental issues. but that undertaking is unachievable and non possible by any agencies.

These positions that Lippmann has. would hold with the positions of Carl Cannon. Both writers believe that the individual is unluckily non smart plenty to be responsible for the well being of our state.

Lippmann says in his article. “He does non cognize how to direct public personal businesss. *?x* He does non cognize what is go oning. why it is go oning.

what ought to go on. ” The populace. harmonizing to Lippmann. is non capable of managing all the tough and critical personal businesss that must be decided upon every individual twenty-four hours by our nation’s leaders.Cannon agrees with the statement in that the authorities should be influenced by the people. but chiefly left up to the elected functionaries to run the state.

Lippmann continues this thought in stating that many times the populace will interpret up an thought or program. and the pick is so narrowed down to merely a few options. It is so up to the leaders of the state to make up one’s mind how the program shall be carried out and what will go of it.

The populace does non larn about all the predating events or even remain for the concluding result but instead the flood tide of the state of affairs. Without hearing and larning the full narrative from start to complete the populace is non qualified to make up one’s mind on issues sing that affair. Our state was set up so that a few wise persons would stand for the populace in authorities to care for us and look out for us. Lippmann believes that this is the lone option we have because the populace and the public’s sentiments are merely non plenty developed and the people are non qualified plenty to run our state.The determination of the right “public” to canvass becomes job in finding if the public sentiment expressed is really that of the general populace. A big per centum of the general population does non take part in polls and for the most portion prefer non to.

Hence. those who are activity involved are those who besides readily take part in public argument and are stronger in their preconceived sentiments and are excessively self-interested to be declarative of existent public sentiment. In decision.

while public sentiment polls are “public” they might non be the sentiments of the populace as a whole. but instead the positions of different sectors of the general populace.


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