Public Speaking About the Malays Essay

So do you all know why I do this? Do you know why I decided to come from behind.

Instead of doing like the rest. You want to be different? (plant) ya that’s true. Why is it good about being different.

When you are different, people notice you and people will remember you. This is what the malays are lacking. They have the potential ! Because they are creative. Im just showing a simple example of being creative. Doing something different but not wrong. We are too shy, we are too shy for the wrong reason. We have to get up and do it.To voice out.

Actually we know we are not doing anything wrong, we are doing something good and god likes it. You all agree right? But we are too shy. Something is not right. So we have to learn to change this. Today’s topic is about malays have the potential to be a great race.

I must warn you, this is a speech to inform, you have to know the difference. Im not going to persuade you, im giving you information which we take for granted of our own race as a malay. Theee major issues I am going to discuss here today.We as malays have a lot of potential to be a great race and there is so many points to support that but today, im standing in front here, in front of all of you, to share on the three main points that we are going to ponder on which is, our history as malays, we are a pleasant race and we are creative.

First of, the history of our race. So, who are we? Where do we come from? Many malays generally take for granted where they come from. Some of them, they think that they can speak malay, they look like 60% of the population of Malaysia and walla, they are malays.In their point of view. Then if you want to say that, Indonesia looks like us too. Speak like us too. Don’t you agree? You see, many of us take for granted where we come from.

We never really look at our roots. So that’s my job to make you guys understand. The malays are a group of people who live in the malay archipelago. Some of you would be wondering, what is the malay archipelago? Well, malay archipelago are combines island. They comprise, the east Malaysia, west Malaysia, southern Thailand, sumathera, java, borneo, the cilibis, philipenes and Singapore.So if we trace our roots, the malays can be our forefathers, can either be Javanese, Achinies, Philiphinos, patani: southern thai, Kalimantan:at borneo and more.

So of course they are malays that have arab blood, Pakistani blood but generally they must have the malay blood la in order to become a true malay. So who are these people, our forefathers. They are in ther earlier days before modernization, the great sea farers. They travel in the seas back since the early 14th century.

What are they? They are traders, also other than fisherman, they are merchant, they do commerce, they butter trade with each other and so on.Meaning, they are adventurous. They have very good exposure to the world.

That means they have met all kinds of people. Chinese, Indians, Arabs and many more to trade. They traded not only among themselves but among the other traders of the world indirectly speaking. So meaning they are exposed! But like any other thing, there are good and bad to it.

Some of among them are also irresponsible. Who goes up to sea and leave their wife children behind. It happens but to be great we cannot focus on the bad things. That’s why I feel the need to inform you about our heritage. Next off, malays are pleasant individuals.

I think we all agree that, of all the races of the world, the malays are among the most well mannered people generally. You can even ask the Europeans, the Arabs, the Indians, the Chinese, nobody can deny that. Ask anybody! This is a character that is in built.

That is gods gift to the malays. So this is something we must treasure. but like anything we do, we cannot be extremist. If we are too nice , people take advantage of us. So if we go back to the history we have heard during the british reign, they were a lot of malays who became the agents of british. Who became traitors to their own race!They allow themselves to be slaves to the british. Which is not right because this is our country.

We must protect and move forward! So please, if you want to be nice, do know your limits. Malays are also accommodative. They can mix around with everyone. They can adapt themselves with any situation. This is very good but it can be bad if we don’t know how to handle it. For example, good, well it becomes everybody likes you. So when everybody likes you then its easy for you to move forward, to achieve what you want.

Because everybody likes you already. It’s the stepping stone of success.But sometimes we notice that many malays don’t generally understand this, forget this. They become timid, they become shy, the become too introvert. When you are introvert, you lose a lot of opportunities.

So that’s what’s happening with the situation now. We cannot be successful as the chinese in business because in business you have to do a lot of networking. The chinese work very hard. A lot of people don’t like the chinese for example but they keep pushing and pushing until people give in. Like the malays la. The malays like to give in. But the malays don’t push! People what to give them but they don’t push.

They do what instead? Relax…Soo, this is bad! That is pleasant but that is not a good way to be pleasant. Because you are not helping your generation. Your coming generation.

So, then your future generatin after generation will follow. Now we have to do is to change the will. We keep to the character to be pleasant, obedient, following the rules and regulations but at the same time, we must look at opportunities and grab it. Do it the right way.

That’s why I feel the obligation to inform you about our potential to be a great race. I want all of us to be pleasant malays and successful.Lastly my third point that I am going to share is malays are creative. What do I mean by creative? Saw the gimmick I did initially? That was being creative. Well now im going to touch back on our forefathers.

Our forefathers, they are sea farers. During monsoon season, they don’t go to the sea. No, because its dangerous out the sea. So they stay home. What do they do? They sit down la kan. Do they relax? Noo. They watch situation around them. They observe.

From that observation they gather knowledge inside and they become great philosophers. Also because they have a lot of imagination.Just imagine waiting for the monsoon season to end, of course la they start to imagine around right?. So they become painter, they become artists, they become sculptures. These are creative work. That’s why when you look around you, creative people in Malaysia for example, are mostly malays. Example, P. Ramlee, A.

Samad Said, and many more. They are good. They are imaginative.

This is a strength! But, what is our problem? Tell me what is our problem? We don’t market our talent. We are creative but the chinese market our talent. So that the thing lacking. We can do it. We can be creative and we can be good marketers also.Look at peribahasa.

Menyelok pekasam bialah sampai ke pangkal lengan. What does that mean? Yes. It means that when you start doing something, you must finish it! But are we following it? Our forefathers know about it. They’re philosophers.

They know that that’s the right thing! But it’s a shame. Most of us don’t follow. We stop halfway and give up. Aaaa this is the problem. We have all the potential. But we don’t utilize it.

We don’t keep to the peribahasa that is thought of wisely by our great ancestors. So what happen to us? We are creative! But many of us, many malays become drug addicts.Many malay become mat rempits. Why race on the road? Go and race in the grand prix or something la.

I mean im sure you all have seen mat rempits on the road. How daring they are standing on a motor bike. Its not easy to do that you know. Balancing, doing the superman.

Perh. That being creative! Correct or not? But you imagine if they use that talent for something better. They can represent the nation and make Malaysia proud. Drug addicts. Whats happening? That’s being creative. But that’s creative the wrong way la.

They get high but not productive. So this is the thing. Being creative the right way.For example, most drug addicts, they do it because they are frustrated and they are depress. They think that’s the shortcut way of overcoming their depression. Why not turn to becoming an artist rather than a drug addict. You can put your emotions onto the canvas and walla, it becomes a master piece! Look at Ibrahim Hussain.

He is a word class artist. If he can do it, why cant we. Look at Lat, Lat, people know him all around the world. Look at him.

He is a cartoonist. Look at Upin and Ipin, creators of upin and ipin. They are all over the world. Even in Disney. They can do it. They are malay like us.Theyre so many mat rempits out there who can be better than these people.

If they focus their talent on the positive things. So I hope you all have understand what I am trying to convey in my speech which is malays have the potential to be a great race. First we should know our history as Malays, second we are a pleasant group of people and lastly malays are creative indiviuals.

So one way to be successful is to tell my fellow race. This is what we are. We have to take advantage of it.

We have to move forward. And we have to realize that. If now we don’t realize it, then forever we shall be in denial.


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