Quality caring in nursing: applying theory to clinical practice, education, and leadership Essay

Leadership manners


Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. was one of the uttermost and futurist leaders that the universe has of all time experienced. His grade is masterful and the weight of his enterprises will be realized by many coevalss. There are legion traits that molded Martin Luther King to the cosmopolitan rights principal during his yearss. This really leading proficiency can be duplicated in nursing pattern that would model us into professionals. spouse. individual and friend all about. Martin Luther King possessed a batch of traits that explain why he was really vivacious and outstanding as a civil rights leader. The intent of this paper is to show how Martin Luther King leading accomplishments can be applied in nursing and wellness attention.

Myers Briggs theoretical account of personality is really effectual since it greatly helped me to place my personal traits. I besides came to larn that I portion some characters with other people. I completed the MMDI™ personality trial. to place these traits which helped me to place some of the similarities and differences. I believe this will assist me to happen a pleasant calling. spread out my self-awareness. go an influential leader or better association accomplishments in nursing and wellness patterns. However. there are eight Myers Briggs personality types. To go a fulfilled and effectual leader I have to keep an first-class balance between my contextual demand and my penchants. Leadership profile is a alone combination of penchants for the eight manners. I prefer to utilize a balance of all the manners. In add-on. being a good leader depends on the civilization and context. I am a participative leader since I love to prosecute people in the directive taken and its accomplishment. I love valuing other people to achieve the aim through concerted teamwork ( Duffy. 2009 ) .

I am besides a change-oriented leader. I believe this is a really important tool which enables me to get by with the altering universe. I love researching and contriving new ways of transporting out my responsibilities in nursing and wellness attention. I am besides an ideological leader who likes to accomplish via indorsement of some values. ideals and keeping the focal point of the group on important issues. As a airy leader. I like developing alone sense of the unknown by concentrating on future programs. measuring the client’s demands and measuring the tendency in the market. As an executive leader. I introduce the nursing and wellness attention organisation into the mode things are carried out. I am besides a end oriented leader where I have to put specific and accomplishable ends based on my competency. As an action-oriented leader I love taking as an illustration in the establishment. Last. as a theorist leader I like placing appropriate theoretical accounts of how the establishments can be administered ( Goldsmith. 2010 ) .

Martin Luther King on the other manus had set of qualities that marked him as an inspirational leader. He was a relentless leader. One of the celebrated traits of Martin Luther male monarch. Jr. was his relentless enterprises to take. inspire and alteration. He was besides a committed leader since no affair how much he achieved. he continued to seek for more. He was besides a goal-oriented leader since regardless of many hinderances Luther kept repeating the terminal end. He was an inspirational leader since he acknowledged that to accomplish his aims ; he had to animate those who had faith in his vision. Dr. Martin Luther King was besides a change-oriented leader who invariably pursued new waies. He addressed the issue of civic rights from all waies regardless of force. onslaughts or force. He was besides a airy leader since his aim was beyond sharing his message with the populace. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //brandredresume. com/10-leadership-qualities-of-dr-martin-luther-king-jr

Martin Luther King was an executive leader since he demanded for regard and tolerance to everyone therefore going the innovator. He was besides a theorist leader since he made attempts was to transform his followings. Martin Luther was an ideological leader who was non afraid to bring out unchartered districts in civil rights. Last. he was an action oriented leader who was directly frontward in his message. These traits made Martin Luther King a celebrated inspirational leader whose leading manners can be emulated by coevalss. Martin Luther King transformational leading was really effectual since most transformational leaders are magnetic in nature. He had an exceeding attack of doing people to work in integrity instead than affecting in frequent clangs. He listened calmly as other people argued and in conclusion name off the argument by coming up with the manner frontward. These traits helped Luther to unify people to work together in integrity. I portion assorted traits with Martin Luther King such as airy. change-oriented. action-oriented. and executive leader. These traits can be really effectual if applied in the nursing and wellness attention since it is a field that requires dedication and innovativeness. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //brandredresume. com/10-leadership-qualities-of-dr-martin-luther-king-jr

In decision. there are several leading manners which a leader should possess in order to be influential in their function. However. it is really important to equilibrate between penchant and contextual demand. Good leaders must hold an aim so that they may put down appropriate schemes to achieve those ends. This besides calls for continuity and committedness in go toing the responsibilities which will enable leaders to accomplish their terminal ends. Martin Luther King left an unreplaceable grade as his exceeding leading manners inspires many leaders and can be emulated in different leading functions in organisations. The nursing and wellness sector require people with good leading manners since it is a really demanding organisation. In add-on. the changeless changing universe requires organisations to be change-oriented so that they can get by with these alterations.


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