Quant Research Integrative Approach Essay

The objective of this paper is to discuss the aspects of integrative approach that will be applied for my research. In addition, paper discussed exercises from the article that are relevant to my research. Alignment and Research Interests with Integrative Approach Integrative approach provided me critical thinking skills and quantitative approach instructions than the traditional format of utilizing books for learning initiative research methodology.

In addition, Corner (2002) provided explanation about elements that contribute to quantitative research. Although I have chosen phenomenological qualitative research, I am researching on surveying techniques that may assist in creating interview questions providing probing questions to explain the phenomenon. As a novice researcher, feedback mechanism that Corner (2002) explained in integrative approach may be used for hypotheses.

Isis, Jones, and Asteroid (2013) mentioned that organizations fail to succeed in business intelligence implementations because of the unexamined relationship between decision support system and business intelligence capabilities. Building knowledge about this relationship may help in formulating hypotheses about organizational support in business intelligence (Corner, 2002, p. 674). In addition, hypotheses could provide research questions for in-depth research in organizational business intelligence phenomenon.

Exercises in Integrative Model Beneficial for Research Exercise 1 and Table 1 documented in Corner’s (2002) research may be used to roved tangible and intangible measures and constructs accordingly. In addition, a diagrammatic or tabular representation of the relationship between constructs and measures could provide insights on organizational factors that are relevant to research questions.


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