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Question 1 – 5 PointsLeila took a standardised trial and was told that her mark was in the 89th percentile. Explain clearly and in merely one sentence what this means. Notes:
? Percentiles are a manner of depicting the place of a peculiar mark within a set of tonss ? As per the inquiry. I was looking for one simple sentence to explicate the significance of the statement Ideal Answer: If Leila’s mark was in the 89 percentile this means that Leila scored higher than 89 % of participants in the trial. ThursdayQuestion 2 – 10 PointsA gas station near the Emirates Road is revaluating its gasoline-fuel reorder point. The gasolene fuel degree in its chief armored combat vehicle triggers an automatic refilling order.

The day-to-day demand faced by the station for gasolene is usually distributed with an norm of 8. 000 litres and standard divergence of 2. 500 litres.

After the automatic order is placed. the gasoline-fuel is received at the gas station in precisely 3 yearss. In other words. it takes three yearss lead clip for the gasolene to be replenished after the order has been made. At what volume should the re-order point be set to guarantee that the station’s opportunity of being out of stock during the replenishment period is limited to a chance of 5 % ? Notes:
? Those people who did non hit full points on this inquiry normally made it more complicated than it is. ? This inquiry is really similar to many exercisings we did together in category. The lone complication is the three yearss of lead clip – which was added to do the inquiry more realistic for an existent concern state of affairs. Ideal Answer: µ = 8000 ; S = 2.

500 ; Alpha = 0. 05? The mean ingestion is 8000l. with a standard divergence of 2. 500l. ? In order to place the scope of day-to-day use that has a 95 % chance of happening. we need to look at the scope +/- two standard divergences = 3. 000l to 13. 000l? In order to guarantee we don’t travel out of stock we need to take into history the maximal likely use of fuel per twenty-four hours that includes 95 % of possible results = 13.

000l ( non 3000l )? In order to do certain we don’t travel out of stock for 3 yearss we need to presume that the maximal sum of fuel is used for 3 yearss = 3 ten 13. 000 = 39. 000l? Therefore. in order to guarantee that we have merely a 5 % opportunity of traveling out of stock when it takes 3 yearss for the fuel to get. we need an automatic refilling order to be placed when the degree in the fuel armored combat vehicle reaches 39.

000 liters. ( Note: Some of you submitted the reply 36. 300l based on ciphering a one-tailed scope. This reply besides scored full Markss.

although I did non anticipate anyone to make this because we did non hold the clip to cover one-tailed scopes on the class ) .Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters Nov 2012Question 3 – 20 points – you may non transcend this pageNotes:
? The key to this inquiry was the ability to draw utile observations from the information. and write those observations in a mode that would hold clear significance for senior direction.? There are many different positions that you could take on the information. The most utile would be to pull decisions for the country/region in which you work. or the country/region that is most of import for your concern. Ideal Answer: These are merely some illustrations of strong replies.

There are many that are possible. DecisionsThe study found that on mean across the Middle East. employees feel engaged and motivated in their current occupations ( 80 % agreed they felt engaged ; 74 % agreed they felt motivated to execute good ) . In contrast. Middle Eastern workers appear to be less happy about the conditions of their employment. This is reflected in the lower degrees of understanding to ‘feeling that the administration deserves their loyalty’ ( 60 % ) . Further. while they said they would talk extremely of their organisations’ merchandises and services ( 74 % ) ; there was a noticeable bead in the figure who would talk extremely of their administration as an employer ( 66 % ) .

Further. most employees are non be aftering a long term committedness to their companies. Across 10 of 11 states surveyed. less than half of all respondents expect to be in the same company in one year’s clip.This figures drops to 24 % for those who expect to be in the same company in three years’ clip. The tendencies in the UAE are in-line with regional tendencies. except that UAE workers are somewhat below the norm on experiencing loyal to the administration. It is of import to observe that the sample of employees used in this study may non accurately reflect the attitude of the working population as a whole.

The survey was conducted by Bayt. com. an online occupation hunt company. Although the survey methodological analysis was non published.

it is likely that the sample was drawn from visitants to the website – who are by definition more likely to be looking for a new occupation and hence less satisfied with their current employer.RecommendationsBusinesss in the Middle East should see widening their enlisting standards to positively choose for people willing to perpetrate for a lower limit of three old ages. If it is true that the mean employee expects to alter his or her employer in every bit small as a twelvemonth.

it will be hard to obtain a return on investing from employees. There may be an chance for companies to increase employee satisfaction and keeping through fashioning and pass oning better calling way planning. If employees can see there is a calling program for them. they are more likely to conceive of themselves remaining in the same administration for the coming few old ages. Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters Nov 2012Question 4 – 10 points – you may non transcend this pageIn a 2005 survey. The Economist linked nonsubjective steps of specific conditions within a state to the mean life-satisfaction mark of citizens surveyed in that state.

The mean life-satisfaction mark is calculated from a series of inquiries such as “On the whole are you really satisfied. reasonably satisfied. non really satisfied. or non at all satisfied with the life you lead? ” The paper published by The Economist provides sufficient justification of the manner it calculates mean Life Satisfaction within a state. We can besides presume that the sample size and sampling method are appropriate. The Economist’s research workers identified nine nonsubjective steps which together predict the mean life-satisfaction evaluation within a state with a correlativity coefficient of 0.

92. a pretty accurate theoretical account.
Coefficient Constant 2. 7959 GPD per individual 0.

0003 Life anticipation 0. 0448 Political freedom -0. 1052 Job security -0. 0217 Family life -0. 1878 Climate and geographics -1.

3534 Political stableness 0. 1519 Gender equality 0. 7423 Community life 0. 3865Unit of measurement of step. Source USD.

Beginning: Economist Intelligence Unit Years. Beginning: US Census Bureau wholly free =1 to unfree = 7. Beginning: Freedom House Unemployment rate % ; Source: Economist Intelligence Unit ; ILO Divorce rate converted into a mark of 1 ( lowest divorce rates ) to 5 ( highest ) ; Beginning: UN / EU-romonitor Latitude.

to separate between heater and colder climates. Beginning: CIA World Factbook Political stableness and security evaluations as defined by The Economist Ratio of mean male and female net incomes. Beginning: UNDP Human Development Report Dummy variable: 1 if state has high rate of church attending or trade-union rank. 0 otherwise. Beginning: International labor organizationAnswer the undermentioned inquiries in simple sentences. non transcending the infinite provided.

Which variables would you anticipate to hold negative effects on life satisfaction? Is this supported by the consequences or are at that place relationships reported that seem counterintuitive? If yes. which one ( s ) ? Ideal Answers: It seems counter-intuitive that political freedom. occupation security and household life would hold a negative additive relationship with life satisfaction tonss. However. these negative relationships are merely the consequence of the graduated table that has been used. The survey shows in fact that life satisfaction goes up every bit political freedom additions. unemployment decreases.

and divorce rates decrease. i. e. in line with outlooks. It is interesting that life satisfaction additions as latitude lessenings. significance that people are happier when the clime is warmer.

This suggests that life satisfaction would be even higher in northern European and North American communities if they were closer to the equator. all other factors staying invariable.The most surprising relationship reported is that between life satisfaction and gender equality. Harmonizing to the tabular array above. satisfaction additions as the ratio of male to female rewards additions.

Given that decennaries of wide-scale research has shown that quality of life within a state increases as gender equality additions. we must presume that the graduated table is falsely expressed: I believe they meant that life satisfaction additions as the ratio of female to male net incomes additions. The survey mentions other forecasters that were non included because they provided no farther prognostic power to their theoretical account.

Does this mean that instruction is non related to quality of life? Explain what must hold happened when they added the variable “education. ” Ideal Answer: The theoretical account created by this research has identified nine factors that independently increase the prognostic power of their theoretical account. There will be many other factors that are correlated with life satisfaction that are already taken into history in the theoretical account via other variables. For illustration.

‘education’ may already be accounted for in life anticipation. political freedom and 2 gender equality. When instruction was added to the theoretical account. adjusted R did non increase. bespeaking that this variable made no independent part. Dr.

Amanda Nimon Peters Nov 2012Question 5 – 10 points – you may non transcend this pageStudy the charts at the underside of the page ( Figures b & amp ; degree Celsius ) . Assume that the information was collected in a valid mode. with a sufficiently big sample size. Express clearly and merely the major decision from Figure b The information indicate that there is really small relationship between per capita health care outgo and an addition in life anticipation for work forces over the age of 67 old ages.

Outgo of up to $ 1500 per individual can non be expected to increase life anticipation in this age group beyond a few extra months. Is at that place anything else you want to add about this decision? This is a surprising determination. As there is widespread grounds that per capita health care outgo improves life anticipation at a population degree. this information suggests that the investing might be more of import when work forces are younger. It may be that outgo on younger work forces helps to find their long-run wellness and life anticipation.

Possibly outgo on men’s’ wellness once they are in this age group is uneffective. Express clearly and merely the major decision from Figure c The informations indicate that there is a strong negative relationship between solar radiation and overall malignant neoplastic disease rates. This means that increased solar radiation is related to a lower incidence of malignant neoplastic disease as an overall disease.

Is at that place anything else you want to add about this decision? This is besides a surprising determination as it is besides known that high degrees of solar radiation can really do certain types of tegument malignant neoplastic diseases. A correlativity does non bespeak that one variable causes the other. so this figure does non demo that increased Sun exposure will do lower rates of malignant neoplastic disease. but it does propose that the relationship between malignant neoplastic disease and solar radiation is more complex than we may hold believed. Based on the above statements. what. if any recommendations would you do to the Minister of Health?1.

It is deserving look intoing the differential impact of healthcare outgo on life anticipation amongst different age groups. It may be that wellness attention investing brings greater population benefits when made amongst immature grownups or middle-aged people. Further. it seems that solar radiation degrees up to a value of around 520 units may be good to a population. It would be worthwhile at least commissioning a survey to set up the mean solar radiation exposure in your population before taking farther stairss.


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