Quotation assigment Essay

“9,” the sound of the last number rang through the room, echoing through the halls, as it soon mingled with the sighs of the disappointed ticket holders.

Every week, Sunday, it was like this.  A new lottery ticket, a new loser and dashed hopes.  Yet it is funny, however, how few buy that ticket repeatedly in hopes of becoming wealthy for their own purposes.

“If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?,” I asked my friends, wondering if they too had the same dreams and aspirations.

“Buying a new car and a new house,” John Braswell, a smart guy who bought his weekly lottery ticket, said in response to my question, “and go on a vacation when retired!,” he added.

Patrick Thacker, a handsome guy who only wanted people to pay attention to him, replied by stating that, “I would buy a sail boat and sail the world!”

“I would buy a house and a new car, and then save the rest,” Kaydee Dugger, a funny classmate, replied, seemingly more interested in living in comedy than in a lifestyle reflecting that newfound affluence.

Perhaps the best answer came from Grant Huelskamr, a very intelligent guy with his big glasses, who said, “Invest it in stocks and bonds.”

Be it a windfall or destiny, all their wishes would still just be wishes until their number would be called.

Till next week then…


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