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Quotation            James Moffatt wrote “A person’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character – how they make it and how they spend it.”  Money is the one thing that both the wealthy and the poor do not have enough of.  The poor does not have enough of it to put food on the table and the wealthy do not have enough to make him stop from making more.Money for all intents and purposes is nothing but a commodity.

  It has its use and its value.       Money is a commercial tool.  It is used to purchase goods or services to satisfy human wants and needs.  A certain value is attached to the money to make the exchange fair and clear to the transacting parties.  The commercial value of money begins and ends in a financial transaction.  A person should be careful not to attach great importance on money, more than what should be.  It should not be man’s end all and be all.

Money is the means to provide him and his family with decent shelter, nourishment, good education for his children, and wholesome leisure and entertainment.  No matter how much or how little he makes, what counts is that it came from his honest labor.  A man of a strong character will not be carried away with excesses that he can not afford.

  He will not build a big house that will take him his entire life to pay off.  He will not drive a flashy car that is beyond his means.  Neither should he spend away hard earned money over a night in the casino.  He must temper his wants to what he really needs.  He must live within his means and he must earn his keep.

Money is as important as the home he has, the food he eats, the clothes he wears, the schools his children go to and the recreation he indulges in. Money is the means to those ends but should not be the end in itself.  Man must treat money as a necessity and appreciate the things it buys him.

  However, hard-earned money must be spent wisely.Moffatt is absolutely right in saying that how a man makes and spends his money is indicative of his strong character.ReferencesQuote Cosmos. (2007). Money. James Moffatt.

Retrieved November 6, 2008 from            http://www.quotecosmos.com/quotes/27132/view 


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