R.A.F.T Proposal Essay

R.A.F.T ProposalR. Role:            I am interested in digging up information related to Down syndrome. Therefore I will be taking up the role of a researcher so as to find out and present relevant information to parents of children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome.

A. Action:            The action I will take is to carry out research on important issues related to Down syndrome. Many parents do not understand how it occurs or what to do if their children are diagnosed with Down syndrome yet some of these children usually have needs that can only be best met in specialized programs (Scott, 2008). I would therefore like to present information about the causes of this condition, how it affects children and the medical conditions associated with the condition and also recommend parents on what they should do if their children are diagnosed with Down syndrome.

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I would also like to enlighten parents on the various early-intervention programs available for children diagnosed with Down syndrome as well as resources that will be of importance to them together with their children.F. Form:            The perfect format for this project will be a children’s health handbook. This will showcase the causes, medical conditions associated with Down syndrome, recommendations for parents, early-intervention programs and resources available.T. Topic:            This project will concentrate on the topic Down syndrome, focusing on children in their infancy and toddler hood stage.ReferenceScott C.

, I. (2008). Down Syndrome. Nemours Foundation. Retrieved February 11, 2009          from http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/genetic/down_syndrome.html 


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