Race and ethnicity Essay

This paper tackles issues on race, ethnicity and gender and its effects. Race, ethnicity and gender have an effect in the way people live their lives whether they seek to acknowledge it or not. This is especially important from an anthropological viewpoint because it allows people to have a better and thorough understanding of the salient points that are associated with race, ethnicity and gender. The study of this topic was a collaboration of the observations made in society as to how people treat one another on the aspects of race, ethnicity and gender. Thus, the conclusion reached strongly reflects what is going on in society as taken from a realistic viewpoint.

These issues have an impact in the way people see or perceive others whether at work, in school or in the community. The topic of racial discrimination and ethnicity is still present and can be felt worldwide. (O’Neil, D. Nature of Ethnicity). It is most common in the workplace when for instance citizens of a particular country are favored over immigrants of another nation. A lot of people have been rallying for equal treatment among all but there can never be perfect equality unless people would learn to let go of the thinking that one race is better than the other. There has been a strong desire to gain equality among genders. The thinking of the present generation acknowledges that women and men are equals and the former can do anything that the latter can do. However, there are still other people who refuse to accept this and favor the strength of men over that of a woman in terms of promotion at work, in politics and other fields. Although a lot has happened that should change this way of thinking, it is still a fact that other people allow their own personal bias to affect the way they treat others. Women would normally favor other women over men and a person belonging to the same racial or ethnic group would have the tendency to favor another of his or her own. These actions may seem harmless but it does have a negative effect on society. People should learn to be more open minded and accept that the world is constantly evolving and as such, they should adhere to the principle that all men are created equal with no one more superior than others. Ethnocentrism should not be used as the manner of living because it destroys a harmonious relationship that should exist among nations. (Philosophy.Org. Ethnocentrism).

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In conclusion the issues of race, ethnicity and gender has not yet gained perfect equality in treatment in society and it affects the way people live and interact with one another. There are still a lot of changes that are yet to be seen as to the equality that one day could happen in our society. For instance, the election of President Obama is a welcome change that signifies a matured level of thinking and understanding among the people. The aforementioned discussion should be accepted by the readers because this is the reality that is happening. It is important for people to get involved for the changes in race, ethnicity and gender to one day gain equality.

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