Race and Ethnicity Essay

The on-going battle to contend the tegument colour bias in the modern-day American society is portrayed in Michael Jackson’s song “Black or White.

” Whereas the racism is defined as a superior behaviour against other race-thus doing it inferior. the vocalist refers to this term as “See. it’s non about races. merely topographic points. faces. where your blood comes from is where your infinite is.

” Michael Jackson. one of the most influential creative persons in the music industry. calls for equality in how people view and behave towards each other.The inquiry. which this maestro thesis investigates.

does it count if you’re black or white. is clearly answered by the vocalist: “It don’t affair if you’re black or white. ” Jackson was seeking to act upon his society to move in a similar manner and he calls for them to populate their lives by Dr. Luther’s dream “… . judged non by the colour of their tegument. but by the content of their character.

” However. about 30 old ages subsequently. it still seemed merely as a dream because he sang: “I’m tired of this Devil” . where the bad is being represented by the bias.At the same clip. he clearly states: “I’m non gon na pass my life being a color” – this is where he makes his decision. This can connote that even though he doesn’t discriminate and would wish to see colour bias gone. he is still being discriminated against.

While being the most outstanding creative person in the music industry. he still calls himself “a color” and he rebuts against it and wants to be seen for the individual he is and non the pigmentation of his tegument.It is widely known that Michael Jackson had many facial plastic surgeries and it is controversial whether or non he altered his tegument colour by chemical Peels or was it the disease called vitiligio that changed his face colour to white. Therefore. it can be speculated that he modified tegument to look white.

which finally is his vision. It can be farther questioned – since Michael Jackon can’t win his battle for racial equality. did he give up and travel white – merely to stop his interior conflict? Will all his enduring semen to cloture since now he looks white?Is this the true reply? It may be deemed as so since the tegument colour is the usher of one’s place in the society where being white claims supremacy-control and power. It should be noted that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest instrumentalists of all times.

holding sold over 750 million records worldwide. He has accomplished so much in his life. yet still feels inferior and calls for racial equality in the universe. His vision for a better universe to populate in. free of racism. ends on a sad note: “It’s black.

it’s white” .To sum up. through decennaries. the inkinesss have fought to be equal. as the American state shall vouch those rights. yet.

the society is still divided into the superior. the Whites. and inferior- the inkinesss ( and other people of colour ) . Blacks have ever been portrayed as the dirty. the hapless. the lesser-of-a human type whereas the Whites are seen as the dominant.

the good type. Again. Jackson does non hold with this stereotype in stating: “I ain’t 2nd to none. ” Furthermore. he claims that he will no longer be scared and references historical symbol of a KKK group: “I ain’t scared of your brother. I ain’t scared of no sheets.

” With his passing in 2009. many of his inner struggles come to the terminal. but will the following coevals start working on being color-free as the male monarch of dad envisioned? America has ever struggled with racial issues. particularly those of black and white. Some them included racial segregation. instruction. work force.

banking and even siting on the coach. Black people continuously tried to “break thru” into community. but were ever pushed aside as dirty. hapless and unwelcome. We. in modern times. see the United States of America as a state that treats everyone equal.Americans should all be all equal.

no affair what race. colour. faith or any other features they have. After all.

we all remember twelvemonth 2009. which is when Americans elected their first African American President. Question that comes to mind – why “first African American President. ” non merely merely their 44th President? So – the race and colour of your tegument does matter in modern times. My analyses of selected books. academic diaries. movies and music picture will concentrate and reason if Americans so know apart against race or if it is history and no longer exists in American life.First.

I would wish to take into consideration the iconic Michael Jackson. one of the greatest. possibly the greatest vocalist and performing artist of the twenty-first century.

Not merely his vocals deserve a closer expression. but besides his lifestyle – thoughts. frights and the public sentiment. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell is a 1 of the greatest singles in Michael’s calling.

It was released on November 11. 1991. What inspired Michael to peculiarly choose these two subjects? Black or white – as implied in the vocal. he sings about tegument colour.Songs starts in Africa. perchance demoing Jackson’s “beginning” – he is black.

In one of the scenes. Michael sings “I ain’t scared of no sheets ; I ain’t scared of nobody” – while he is walking through fire images – which is being compared to KKK and its torch ceremonials. Here. he is portraying his painful vision of KKK and its vision.

Later. the performing artists sing “I’m non gon na pass my life being a colour. ” What a great statement. Michael.

throughout his whole life and his calling. shows us his inner and changeless battle for a non-racial America.Bing black himself. he had struggled and eventually came to the top. but still did non accomplish the degree of felicity – which is “no color” in his state. Later. Jackson sings on Statue of Liberty’s torch.

once more perchance reminding us about the KKK. and at the same clip – the Statue symbolizes autonomy. which for him will be color-free.

no favoritism America. We shouldn’t bury about Michael’s actions in this picture. In the original version. he is nailing the auto. Windowss and the hostel exploded. However. subsequently he had to redact this version to minimise his violent behaviour. nevertheless.

He altered it by adding four racial graffito messages onto the Windowss that he was nailing. As I suggested earlier. Michael Jackson is portrayed as an angry black adult male who merely hates the favoritism against black people and shows his feelings by destructing his milieus. as he was being destroyed himself –just for being of black colour. In is interesting to detect.

the Jackson. when asked to alter his destructive aggressive music picture. he so did alter it. but didn’t forget about this ill will towards favoritism.

He had merely portrayed it otherwise ( graffito ) .First message reads: “Hitler Lives. ” so “Nigger Go Home. ” “No More Greasers. ” and eventually “KKK Rules. ” It can be argued if Michael Jackson is merely nailing Windowss with those painful thoughts – is destructing them – to do a better universe? Finally.

the vocal comes from the album “Dangerous. ” What did the writer have in head? Are all of those issues. painful experiences and the battle for non-colored America unsafe? It can be argued that yes.

Jackson showed us the unsafe side of being black. where he was ever forced to contend and that causes different kinds of problem.In “Black or White. ” Michael brightly portrayed two nucleus jobs people were confronting day-to-day: black or white. As we look at his life style and changeless metabolisms. Michael Jackson had legion surgeries that altered the colour of his tegument and do him “white. ” It is really controversial as many beginnings quote that Jackson had a status where 1 looses a pigment of his tegument.

called vitiligo. However. Michael Jackson public image is seen as a individual who invariably tried to be white. therefore. sought surgeries to assist him achieve this end.Michael Jackson shows us that it could hold likely been easier to do himself white and non fight for color-free America.

where everyone is equal. no affair of who there are or what they look like. It would besides be of import to analyse some of the wordss from Jackson’s music picture. He sings: “I had to state them I ain’t 2nd to none. ” It can be understood that he no longer is accepting the fact that black is “second.

” which is worse. merely because of the colour. He continues: “And I told about equality” – he tells us he wants to be considered equal. despite his tegument colour.Following poetry. he has truly had sufficiency of being pushed around because he is black “I am tired of this Satan.

I am tired of this material. I am tired of this concern. ” Finally. he talks about racism in: “See.

it’s non about races. Just topographic points. Faces.

Where your blood. Semens from. Is where your infinite is.

I’ve seen the bright. Get duller. I’m non traveling to pass. My life being a colour. ” Here Michael Jackson compares himself to merely being a “color.

” He is less than a human being merely because he is non white. He is “black.” Again. he accents his refusal of populating his life being black. He wants to be equal.

equal to white. It should be besides noted that throughout picture. Michael Jackson is have oning black and white vesture ( white shirt. black sport jacket.

white speech patterns on his right arm and nails. black places. white socks ) . He seems to be a individual caught in a black-and-white universe and battles to alter it. demoing his hurting. However.

at the really terminal. he turns into a black jaguar. This transmutation may typify him as a black adult male who will contend for his rights. yet. still remain black.In book “The Color of Credit: Mortgage Discrimination. Research Methodology.

and Fair-Lending Enforcement” Stephen L. Ross and John Yinger present racial issues and reason the importance of tegument colour in banking. It should be noted that this book was published in 2002. twelvemonth where we all think that American people are equal. particularly on racial footing. Therefore. why and how does the tegument colour come into drama in banking? First.

the American loaners take many factors into consideration when pay outing the mortgage.Such factors include many inside informations such as the creditor’s ability to refund the loan – where the loaner accesses the possible hazard of losing the loan. There are many different loaners and they base their information on statistics.

demographics and do concluding determination based on the hazard factors. Research showed that chiefly inkinesss would seek loans. which are non favourable to all loaners. Therefore such bank does take race into consideration when reexamining for application for recognition. It is besides shown that inkinesss will most likely work with subprime loaners ( 44 % ) with comparing to Whites ( merely 4 % ) .Blacks by and large can non utilize the premier mortgage market due to their hapless makings. therefore making the black to white ratio of acquiring the mortgage – with figures of 2.

28 denial for premier market and 1. 27 for subprime. At the same clip. limited research shows that blacks-even though have some makings as white – would stay in the subprime market and therefore be charged higher fees. Equal Credit Opportunity Act says: It shall be improper for any creditor to know apart against any applicant. with regard to any facet of a recognition transaction—on the footing of race. colour. faith.

national beginning. sex or matrimonial position. or age ( provided the applier has the capacity to contract ) .( U. S. Code Title 15. Chapter 41. Section 1691 ) This would intend that all people should be treated every bit in Bankss.

when making concern in Bankss. no favoritism in recognition dealing. However. writers argue that the bank may take a different expression at the individual and who they are in “business necessity” can be proved. Therefore. even while it is regulated by jurisprudence. certain prejudiced patterns can and make be.Subsequently.

it would be instead difficult to turn out that the loaner discriminated based for illustration on race. All ordinances are non really clear and tribunals find it difficult to happen such a connexion of favoritism. It is implied that inkinesss.

with poorer ability to refund. life in lower income communities. must confront subprime. expensive mortgages – to perchance do as much money as possible in the shortest time-so if the black borrower defaults on his payments. the loaner wouldn’t lose its investing.This is to compare with the white borrower who lives in the richer-type scene. is more likely to run into his payments.

hence. he is offered a premier mortgage rate. without the necessity to farther procure the loan. It can be argued if inkinesss and Whites are treated every bit. despite many ordinances.

On one manus. the loaner must adhere to all necessary ordinances. but on the other manus.

such establishment can do necessary determinations to do that mortgage profitable – therefore. taking all factors into consideration in the application procedure.We can farther analyse that race and colour of tegument does matter when 1 is being evaluated for such an application. It is believed that Whites pose a lower hazard to a fiscal establishment than inkinesss. This besides means. as writers point out. that black are less likely to be approved for a higher-priced place than a white individual.

which causes the existent estate agents to know apart and non demo the more expensive houses to inkinesss. Possibly they don’t discriminate. they merely know that loaner is non likely to O.

K. a black individual in comparing to the same application of a white individual?It is peculiarly of import to observe that writers point out that ‘‘on norm. black mortgage applications have higher loan-to value and debt-to-income ratios than do white applications. ’’ In shutting. it should be noted that while many ordinances exist. there is no cogent evidence that racial favoritism has gone off and some research suggests that inkinesss still have lower blessing rate in comparing to the Whites.

It is said that race does play a cardinal function when the loaner looks at your mortgage application.


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