Racial and Ethnic Groups Essay

Racial and Ethnic Groups

Four of the Hispanic groups comprising most of the American ethnic communities in the United States are Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Spanish. These groups, originally from countries Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Spain, settled in the United States due to various reasons. Originally, these four groups came from Spanish speaking countries and therefore use Spanish as their native language to communicate among themselves, while they use the English to communicate with other non-Spanish speaking races. Majority of the people belonging to these four groups are Roman Catholics; smaller percentage, however, belong to different sects such as Jews, Protestants, Muslims and African Traditional religions.

Each of these four ethnic groups has its own traditional practices concerning family, but generally, they practice closeness among immediate family members, consisting of the father, the mother, and the children. Some of them, however, have adopted the American culture.

In the field of politics, these groups have their respective representatives, and have their respective political contributions, such as the historically famous Abraham Lincoln Brigade, an organization formed by Spanish Americans to fight Fascism. Among these groups, however, the Cuban Americans are the ones who are considered by many to be the politically committed and politically influential ones.

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In the economic aspect, these four groups differ from one another. Spanish are mostly from middle class, Mexicans are mostly from families whose work are considered lower skilled; the Cubans are considered to be the most successful in terms of economical aspect among all the Hispanic groups.

In order to extend help to their respective communities, majority of these groups form social organizations that cater to various needs of their people; providing assistance to whatever problems each community may have to deal with.


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