Racial Discrimination Essay

My personal essay is going to be about the way that other races are treated in America. Ever since September 11th a lot of Americans have been blaming all Muslims for it.

Even the Arab people that have lived in the US for their whole lives and have never even been to Iraq are targets of hate. Any one who wears a turban is considered a terrorist and is shot. Many Arab people died in the plane crashes on September 11th that had nothing to do with the bombing.

In my family, we all just forgot about it, but one day in the grocery store I witnessed three grown men yelling at an innocent little Muslim girl.It was around the beginning of October and my mom and I were just stopping to pick up some milk and bread. As we passed by the vegetable section of the store, there were three American men screaming at a Muslim girl. We just went one our merry way, but the men continued to yell at the girl cursing at her and calling her stupid. I should have said something, but I figured the parents would come back soon. It really cleared things up for me.

I mean yeah I’d watched the news, but I had no idea that it was even happening in Ellsworth. That’s not the only experience I have had with racial discrimination in America.I was at the lobster shack down the road from my house ordering a couple lobsters for dinner. The family ahead of me was Muslim. As they went to order the owner said he didn’t sell food to dirty a** Muslims. I thought that every business had to take money from anyone no matter their race, age (except for cigarettes and/or other things kids aren’t allowed to buy), religion, color of skin, etc. This guy was being really mean to this family and they left without any lobster.

We also left because we even felt insulted that this man wouldn’t sell ant food to a family just because they were Muslim.We went out to eat at Jasper’s instead. I have also been to numerous other places and seen the same type of hateful treatment toward Muslims. Whatever happened to treating others the way you wanted to be treated? I wonder how that lobster man would feel if someone wouldn’t let him have food because they thought he was Jewish (whether he was or not).

Maybe some people need to experience something before they can actually realize how harmful it really is. These people need to come up with better ways the take out their anger about the Terror attack other than discriminating all Muslim people. I think it is absurd.

People just need to forget about the whole thing. It has been over two years since it happened and people are still hating Muslims, I don’t understand what people’s problem is. Well, I know their problem is the Muslim people, but I don’t see why they have to make that their problem instead of just letting go. Our discussions in class have really interested me. My favorite story was Frankenstein. It is really interesting that people can hate just because of someone’s outward appearance. Frankenstein was really just trying to make friends, just the Muslim people. They don’t want to be our enemies.

They are probable just as upset as we are about the whole thing. Frankenstein lived his whole life running away from people who hated him because of the way he looked. The Muslims in American will probably also spend most of their lives running and hiding in corners, just because a select few of them decided to do something stupid. Eventually all the other people in the world are going to hate the United States.

To be completely honest, Americans are so arrogant that pretty soon the whole world is going to realize that they can not get along with us and we will have no allies to help bail us out of any more trouble we may get into.


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