Racial Prejudice Essay

Racial Prejudice

Racial discrimination is the act of regarding other people as being of an inferior humanity to the discriminating party on the basis of race. This vice has been historically evident all over the world where people from different races co-exist. One race usually regards itself as being more superior to the other. Moreover, racial prejudice is the act of not according due respect where it is deserved based on race considerations. This issue leads to injustice,

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It has been noted that many African Americans had been discriminated against by their White counterparts in many places especially where both races interact at social amenities such as schools or workplaces.

I am a female African American worker at a new York-based real estate company. One fine Monday morning, at my workplace, Monica – a supervisor – came to work late. She thus found our White boss – Mr. Churchill – already in his office. Although Monica did receive a cold reception from the boss, she did not really mind since this was the usual behavior of Churchill; he never appreciated anything from Black people – Monica being one of them. “Why are you late?” the boss thundered. Before Monica could explain, Churchill started his verbal abuses, thus scathingly humiliating her before her juniors.

Monica, a cool African American lady – had never provoked her boss although the boss always found mistakes against her. On her part, Monica used to play cool and thus did not answer back to her boss, who always found faults on her person. Further, she was the most hardworking employee in the company since she used to complete her duties before any other person in the office. Monica was in every worker’s heart because she used to term, and treat, them as her fellow human beings.

This was just part of Monica’s daily frustrations, the second being that she was continuously denied an opportunity to meet her husband who was a gardener in one of the White homesteads. She was not allowed passage into the Whiteman’s compound to meet her husband, Tony, who had been threatened with losing his job if he insisted on seeing his wife, thus denying him his conjugal rights.  Tony’s two children had almost forgotten about their father since he could take long before he met his family. He was only given a day’s off every two months which was not enough to express his love to the family. Monica was not even allowed a one-month long leave period since we were only allowed a one-week off duty per year – only for the married. For single persons, they were only allowed a single day’s off after an extremely long duration of working days. Maternity leave for women was only one month. What a pity?

This was part of the racial discrimination which was meted on the Black people by our White bosses. Further, a meager pay was our salary. The conducive living places, as well as the best medical facilities, were only allocated to the White people. Monica had to walk several kilometers in her pregnant condition only to find an inhumane boss ready to criticize her efforts for a welcome.

All this experiences occurred to her only because she was Black, this is evident because all her White counterparts received much better treatment from Churchill. They received a one-month long leave every year they were under employment. The expectant White mothers were allowed a three-month maternity leave and were not mistreated if they were late for a few minutes. Moreover, the Whites used to get hefty salaries even though they were not conversant with what was going on in the company. Mr. Churchill regarded them as small gods compared to the Blacks. Many of the White men were using the Black women as sex objects for the women to secure jobs in the firm. Conversely, for the Whites, they got jobs either on merit or because they were related to the boss.

 For Monica, her case was different; she could not agree to satisfy her boss’s sexual lust. That is why she had difficulties regarding her relations with the boss. All the mistreatment she received was due to her firm stand concerning her morals and her faithfulness to her husband whom the Whites disrespected.

On this particular day, I was highly embarrassed to see a pregnant woman being intimidated by a man who termed himself a gentleman. I felt most obligated to stand against the vice and risked my job by calling my boss and reprimanding his misbehavior in front of all other workers. The rest of the workers joined, ready to fight for the rights of their beloved workmate.  Our boss was amazed to see the so-called disjointed African Americans standing in solidarity against a White man who was otherwise regarded as a god by the same African Americans. The workers were ready to fight for their rights since they had reached their elastic limit regarding intimidation by the Whites.

The workers’ reaction was spurred by the continued insults to the pregnant lady who was always at the forefront in fighting for her rights as well as those of the other workers. She was a good example to all the other African Americans we who were working with her.



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