Rainfall and Flooding Essay

The flooding in York was due to the great amount of rainfall in the area, for example, in one year the average total rainfall for Folkestone is 740 millimetres but during the floods in York there was over 220 millimetres in just three weeks, that is almost a third of what Folkestone get in one year.The River Ouse rises in the Pennines and carries the Rainfall down the side of the mountains. When this reaches the foot of the mountain and the flat land, it overflows onto the flood plain. Because of the great amount of rain, the flooding spread to nearby cities such as York.

Causes of Flooding,Aim 1: To investigate the causes of flooding in York.Hypothesis 1: York is situated in a place that is prone to floodingCauses of the floods:In York in the early months of 1982 there were severe floods. There are several explanations for the floods and as to what caused them and many people say that there should have been more done to have prevented them. However, they have past and a lot of the 2 million pounds damage has been rebuilt. All that the people in York can do now is to work at prevention methods to stop any flooding as bad as the last, in the future.The cause of the floods was mainly the great amount of rainfall which fell during the months around the time of flooding. In three weeks over 220 millimetres of rain fell.

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This is over one third of the total rainfall in Folkestone in one year. A lot of the rain fell on the Pennines, then the water flowed into the rivers near the foot of the mountain such as the River Nidd, the River Ure, the River Swale and the River Wharfe. These rivers carried the water into the River Ouse which could not handle so much water and so it flooded. The flood spread into nearby villages and towns. One of the towns most effected was York.Although there have been other floods in York, this one was definatly the worst. There had not been much done to prevent flooding in the area.

However, if they had tried to prevent the floods then maybe some of the effects would not to have been so disastrous.Conclusion:My hypothesis was correct, I found out where the rainfall had started and how this led to the severe flooding of York in 1982. It is because York is situated in a place that is prone to flooding. I have completed my aim 1 and have found out the causes of the flooding in York.The Effects of FloodingAim 2:To estimate the possible effects of flooding in YorkHypothesis 2:Flooding causes inconvenience to the residence of YorkEffects of flooding:The effects of the flooding in the city of York in 1982 was tremendous. Many buildings are totally washed away and destroyed, shops were ruined and houses demolished. The floods were so severe that over 540 residential and industrial properties were flooded and a further 320 were put at risk. The commercial and industrial life of the city were brought to a standstill.

In addition to these problems within the City, around York 18,700 hectares farmland were also affected the overall damage was estimated at being about two million pounds.The flood water blocked off the roads which made it hard to get any supplies needed for injured people. Floods can often cause water pipes and gas pipes to burst. Water pipes bursting would have made the floods worse and gas pipes bursting would often lead to fires which were even more disastrous.

A lot of businesses were not able to continue after the floods because they had lost so much. Floods caused plaster in buildings to crack and tarmac on roads to ruin and this caused long term damage.Thankfully, nobody died in the floods due to efficiency in medical care.

However, if there had been more done to prevent the floods beforehand then maybe the overall damage would have been less.Conclusion:The hypothesis was correct, flooding is a great inconvenience to the whole population of York. I have completed the aim 2 and have found out about the effects of the floods in York.

Solutions to FloodingAim 3:To suggest possible solutions to the flood problem.Hypothesis 3:There is a variety of solutions that could help to reduce the flooding problem suffered by York.Solutions to Flooding:There are many different solutions to the damage caused by floods and there are also ways to stop the damage before it occurs. There are things which can be done to the river itself to avoid it flooding. If some things had been done to the River Ouse then maybe the flooding could have been avoided altogether!* Trees should be planted along the banks of the river, these help to absorb the water if there is too much.

This will keep the water level down.* Building flood banks by the river will withhold the flood waters enough for the trees to then absorb them.* Filling in old meanders before they become ox-bow lakes strengthens the ground around the river banks to stop it subsiding if the river was to flood.* To retain a good vertical bank along the outside of the meanders will make it hard for the river to flood there.* The River Floss had a barrier installed after the flood of 1982, it is connected to the pumping station which controls the level of water.Conclusion:The Hypothesis is correct, There are several solutions to the problems caused by flooding in York. I have completed the aim and found out that there are solutions which could be used to stop any future flooding in York.

Pictures of the Effects of FloodingPictures of the SolutionsIntroductionThis is a report into the flooding in York, York is situated in the north-east England and is a very big town in the county of Yorkshire, there are several rivers nearby York such as the River Swale, the River Nidd, the River Ure and the River Ouse. The River Ouse is the river which caused a lot of the flooding in York in the 1982 flood. The Ouse rose 5.

05 metres Flooding 540 properties. Altogether the damage was estimated at the time as being over two million pounds.This report is based on three aims:-Aim 1: To investigate the causes of flooding in York.Aim 2: To estimate the possible effects of flooding in York.Aim 3: To suggest possible solutions to the flood problems.With these I mind I will find out as much information about the floods in the city of York in 1982.A Report Of The Flooding in YorkBy Caroline Loft 9FEvaluationFrom this report on the flooding in York I have learnt about the causes of flooding. The rain measurements in that area during the flood compared to the average rainfall in my area.

The hypothesis for “The Causes of Flooding” was correct and I completed the aims necessary for this task.I have learnt about the effects of the floods on people in York, the buildings and land. I know about the damage in the area, long term and short. This hypothesis is also correct for “The Effects of Flooding”.

I completed this aim as well and now understand about the effects of floods in York.I have also looked into the solutions for flooding and how to prevent it happening in the first place. I have proved the hypothesis for ” The Solutions for Floods”, correct and have looked into the aim and completed it.Altogether I enjoyed putting this report together and have found out a lot more about Flooding than I knew before. If I were to do this report again I might try to research further about each individual river and more deeply in to prevention methods for floods.


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