Random Questions for MGT216 Essay

1.         Looking at the video of Michael Esper, it demonstrates the dilemma of reaching out effectively towards people via the arts. The dilemma here is effectively portraying a part that illustrates the overall nature of the character in the play. The question then of relating and finding means to become an instrument for other people becomes the main concern for Michael as he draws from his experiences to achieve what he feels is relevant. The relevance of this video then is to demonstrate how responsibility is achieved in a multifaceted environment such as the arts and what experiences can contribute in the process. Relating this to business and personal decisions, the clip shows how each one should remain committed towards finding effective means become responsible and responsive in each one’s approach in whatever discipline. It presents the idea of learning from experience and using these as leverage to become better in business and individual decisions.

2.         Assessing the speech made by Howard Rheingold, the evolution and development of organizational teamwork evolved from the recognition of man that they can achieve more if they are willing to cooperate with one another. This mindset served as a stimulus for the development of civilizations, acquisition of new technologies, and improvement of societies. In a way, the motivation used by people is to achieve common interests. They used cooperation as a tool to gain more from their objectives and become effective. On the other hand, the relationship then of the prisoner’s dilemma and ultimatum game with that of organizational morality is that it allows people to become rational about their choices. Here, they seek to understand that collaboration is essential to help synchronize goals and objectives. Likewise, it serves as a vital tool to limit conflicts and moral issues related to work.

3.         The idea of sharing a moral code in business circumvents from the idea of trying to apply it in practice. This means that the values I seek to employ among my people should resonate on how I view these practices should be: responsible, accountable, and responsive towards change. At the same time, I seek to use these values to enrich and facilitate better means for people to develop connections within and use their experiences to provide solutions and reinforce changes. Lastly, I also seek to create a code of conduct/ethics. This is to ensure that as the company continues to grow, it becomes a guideline on how people should act and respond on the benchmark I had provided years back.

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4.         One moral dilemma experienced work involves conflict of interest in a given project. Since the clients are a friend of mine, the contract was offered to me. However, the issue here is that the project is not on my account and that of another division. The main issue here is that the client wouldn’t allow any other manager that can handle these issues except me. By accepting this project, not only will I bypass the manager in other division but also create conflict with my colleagues.

            To address this issue, I asked my superior to talk with two parties and encourage a bargaining process so that no conflicts of interest would happen. Likewise, I asked my friend and recommended the other division manager as capable and suitable for the job. In the end, I became a consultant as the other division manager accepted the project. If I was given the opportunity to handle the situation differently, I would try to communicate first with each party and try to compile inputs to make an effective strategy rather than immersing to the bargaining process immediately. On behalf of the organization, this is important because it is a potential source of income. That is why I would try to incorporate effective means to settle these issues. Lastly, if I were the CEO, I would talk to the client and convince him that even if the manager handling the issue is not his friend, it will not hamper the way the services are facilitated and administered to their needs.

5.         The ability of employees participating in charitable causes encourages the recognition of their ability to become sensitive towards issues shaping their environment. Companies use this opportunity to enrich people’s experiences and use it as a tool to become facilitative towards the move to enrich organizational morality. By letting employees experience these issues, it gives them the ability to become effective in addressing organizational morality and facilitates the creation of values that complements a company’s interests. Regardless if the intention is genuine or a PR strategy, the experiences gained enriches the way people appreciate cooperation.

6.         Yes, our organization has a written code of conduct. The idea of creating a code of conduct is to create effective means to standardize moral expectations among employees. It is developed so as to guide employees to become responsive to tasks, responsibilities and conflict within their environment. At the same time, its purpose transcends towards reinforcing a common value system where employees try to achieve and embed within their professional life. In a way, a code of conduct reinforces expectations on how employees can communicate, collaborate, and respond to their work environment.


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