Rape and Its Side Effects Essay

Kenadi Mackereth Speech #2 April 15, 2013 Outline Rape Formal Outline Specific propose: To inform my audience about rape and the side effects it has on victims. Introduction I.

Attention Catcher: Hi my name is Alice. I am your friend, your next door neighbor, your babysitter. I am the girl who sat in the front row of class. I am sister. I am your daughter.

And I was raped on the first date with a guy I thought I knew. I was excited to go out with a boy I had liked a lot; he is popular and well liked. I bought a new outfit with what money I had and prepared all week for this date.Everything was going good until he took me to his house and no one was home.

It went bad after this. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and scared. I cried, but I couldn’t face my parents, friends, and school. When guys touch me I jump. The guy I liked won’t even talk to me but all of his friends look at my in a funny way, like they knew what happened. II. Listener relevance: There are many people that know of some that has been raped. Rap can happen to any ordinary person; “it happen 1 out of 3 women, meaning 3 women out of class could be raped” (Derry).

III. Speaker Credibility: Chuck Derry’s a speaker on rape and women violence. Recently he spoke at SCTCC and listening to him, and email, I got information about him.

I also know of someone that is a rape victim and my of you do to. IV. Thesis Statement: Today, were going to talk about rape and the side effects it has on people.

V. Preview: We will be talking about the side effects like diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and relationship problems. Body I.

Main Point #1- The first side effect of rape victims are the diseases transmitted between the people.Listener Relevance: Imagine getting a disease from someone that raped you and you couldn’t do anything to treat it. A.

Subpoint: Investigators in 8 of 9 studies of sexually assaulted adolescents and adults got a sexually transmitted disease, 8 surveys of females and 1 male participant (Beck 1999). B. Subpoint: There are different diseases of STDs like condylomata acuminata, genital herpes, and HIV infection in three studies. The median proportions of participants with evidence of trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, and condylomata acuminata were 9. %, 18. 3%, and 5.

6%, respectively (Beck 1999). Transition: We have discussed some of the sexually transmitted diseases, we will now discus the unwanted pregnancies. II.

Main Point #2- Rape victims and their unwanted pregnancies. Listener Relevance: If you were to get raped and got pregnant from it, what would you do. There are several ways to dealing with it. You could have an abortion, give it up for adoption, or keep it. A. Subpoint: Researchers estimate that each year more than 32,000 American women become pregnant following a rape.Half of these women choose abortion; a few give the baby up for adoption.

The rest–about 10,000 women a year–give birth to and raise the babies conceived during rape (Engeler 1999). B. Subpoint: Women who become pregnant after a rape rarely get counseling, experts say, either because they’re in a state of shock and don’t believe they need help or because, like Lisa, they’re turned off by counselors’ lack of understanding at an initial consultation (Engeler 1999). C.

Subpoint: “These women make decisions on their own without a lot of information,” explains Heidi Resnick, Ph.D. , associate professor in clinical psychology at the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center. “Years later, women still have problems with what they’ve done” (Engeler 1999).

D. Subpoint: When women keep their baby, they usually can see the rape victim’s features. Transition: From the previous research we can see that people get pregnant from rape and they don’t know what to do with it, next we will tale about the relationship problems. III. Main Point #3- Who takes the blame for being raped. Listener Relevance: Who would you blame after being rape?The victim or the predator? A. Subpoint: Men are more likely to endorse rape myths, and consequently , assign less responsibility to the accused and more responsibility to the accuser than women (Hammond 2011).

B. Subpoint: As Chuck Derry said that they blame women because of how they portrayed them self. The perpetrator was lead on by the victim by feeling the victim wanted and deserved it. Conclusion I. Thesis Restatement: Today we talked about Transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies, and coping with rape victims. II.

Summary: Rape is a horrible thing because it is illegal, causes a lot of trauma for the victim, it is unethical, and a dirty thing to do. III. Clincher Statement: About 200,000 victims of rape or sexual assaults are reported each year in the U. S. only 16% of rapes and sexual assaults are estimated to be reported to police. This means that there could be over 1.

25 million cases of rape every year in the U. S. (Derry). References Beck-Sague, C. M. , & Solomon, F.

(1999). Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Abused Children and Adolescent and Adult Victims of Rape:..Clinical Infectious Diseases, 28S74. Derry, Chuck. “Rape Victims. ” Interview by Kenadi R.

Mackereth. n. d. : n.

pag. Print. Engeler, A. (1999). `I can’t hate this baby’. Redbook, 192(4), 108.

Hammond, E. M. , Berry, M. A. , & Rodriguez, D. N.

(2011). The influence of rape myth acceptance, sexual attitudes, and belief in a just world on attributions of responsibility in a date rape scenario. Legal & Criminological Psychology, 16(2), 242-252. doi:10. 1348/135532510X499887


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