Reacting Acids and Bases Lab Report Sample Essay

In this lab. the neutralisation of of an acid and a base was observed. 20 beads of Na hydrated oxide were added to an vaporizing dish. followed by a bead of phenolphthalein index. The solution turned pink when the index was included. Quantitative Neutralization was used by adding beads of hydrochloric acid one by one to a Na hydroxide-phenolphthalein solution.

After a certain figure of beads were added. the alteration of pH was seen by the alteration of coloring material in the dish. from ruddy to unclutter. When the trial solution had turned clear. it was determined that the solution was neutralized. The solution was evaporated. and the merchandise was a white. calcareous substance.

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Water was added to it. and tested for conduction.DiscussionThe intent of this lab was to find what happens and how to observe when an acid and a base neutralize. The equation for this lab was HCl + NaOh – & gt ; H2O + NaCl. As acids and bases have the same strength. they created a dual supplanting reaction. When the phenolphthalein was added to the solution and the coloring material turned pink. you knew that the base had reacted ( Acids and Bases ) .

When the hydrochloric acid was added. neutralisation occurred. and the acid turned the phenolphthalein colourless.

After 44 beads. the solution was neutralized. as the acids and bases were equal in sum ( 7 on the pH graduated table. intending the solution was H2O and salt ) . When the solution was put on the evaporator. the H2O evaporated. go forthing the salt.Then distilled H2O was added to the Na chloride and tested for conduction.

The solution did behavior electricity. Sodium chloride ( NaCl ) is an ionic compound. therefore it holds ions that conduct electricity. In this experiment. different groups used different droppers. so the sum dropped into the dish could hold been different.

hence each group had a different measure of beads used. Some groups had an remarkably little figure. which is confounding. as groups can misinterpret this and believe that they did the lab incorrect. A manner to do this lab more clear would be to make it together as a category.

so everyone ends up with the same observations and has a better apprehension of the lab.DecisionIt is of import to understand the pH graduated table. as it is all around us in our universe. In nature. and in our manmade merchandises.

such as unsafe liquids that we might utilize around the house mundane. like cleansing merchandises. If you understand pH degrees. you understand what merchandises to remain off from.

every bit good as receive an apprehension of our environment and what it requires to prolong its demands. This lab showed us how to observe a neutralisation on the pH graduated table. and what happens when this occurs.


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