Reaction on stress management seminar Essay

Stress Management Workshop spearheaded by the Third Year Psychology Majors and their advisor Prof.

Aminoding B. Limpao was successfully been carried out last March 03. 2013. The 4-hours activity from 8am-12noon were offered to pupils like me who are taking up the topic Psychology as portion of our Course.

The aim of the said activity focal points on what’s. where’s. when’s and how’s of the chief subject which is “STRESS” itself.

The workshop is about the nature and definition of emphasis ; from where can we get it ; the continuance and when will it happen ; and the possible intercessions and get bying activities that will enable us to pull off it. These subtopics were presented to us. Before I went to the locale that twenty-four hours.

I was preoccupied with the thought about how the activity would travel. Lots of inquiries were formulated inside my caput as of that minute. I don’t cognize precisely what to anticipate and what to look frontward to.But there are merely few things I am certain of. the acquisition and the cognition that I will be able to get after adds involvement in me. I am but a pupil who crave for cognition and who search for information which will hold a relevant impact into my life in the field of academia and besides in my mundane life. Just the idea of positive and enlightening activity in which I can acquire something out of it gives energy and motive for me to truly go to and detect how good it could be to me.

Since I have ne’er been into such a Seminar Workshop affecting Stress Management and its related subjects. I choose to go to volitionally aside from the conformity of this demand. Together with my MSUan co-participants we were welcomed with the comfy atmosphere of the easing council with enthusiasm. I was amazed by the figure of pupils willing to larn and screen out how such an activity will assist us. I saw familiar faces but most of them were new to my eyes. Having no thought about the procedure of the workshop puts a small touch of jitteriness that grappled me.However.

that unusual experiencing wear off as the gap of the workshop started. They facilitate ice-breakers and games so as to do us experience comfy on them. the facilitators.

They were really friendly and suiting doing us participant at easiness in their custodies. We were divided into groups composing 8-10 members. Each of the groups was isolated in a schoolroom and there the proper session was held.Inside the schoolrooms we did series of unexpected activities.

I like the manner they conduct the whole session because it’s non a spoon-feeding type of talk but a bipartisan procedure wherein interaction is at that place. The facilitators let us detect and measure ourselves through inquiring us inquiries that aids our acquisition. These are my summing up and larning drawn from the activity in which the inquiries and aims presented has been answered. I learned that emphasis is considered as expected or unexpected constraining force. influence. conditions and the similar.These stimulations are stressors which trigger a response from an person and have comparative consequence from one individual to the other. Stress is a ambidextrous event that is either negative or positive.

They are characterized because of the nature of the cause whether it is from anxiousness and force per unit areas that result into a negative consequence or it from nisuss and challenges that motivate an single resulting into a positive result. With the statements on the latter I can state that emphasis doesn’t merely conveying about negativenesss into our very lives but it besides motivate us and oblige us to go productive.If we don’t recognized the stressors around us and felt stressed out. likely we will non be able to carry through undertakings which are handed before us. Without emphasis we will non be able to endeavor in order to achieve or complete something. We get stress for some factors.

external or internal factors. External factors are the environment. the people we get in touched with.

the activities we are confronting every twenty-four hours. the conditions we are into. Internal factors may be classified into the head puting that we have and the reactions we initiate upon subjected into a nerve-racking state of affairss.Sometimes it’s non ever that other people or things are the really ground why we are stressed at times we create our ain emphasis. Stress is everyplace. from the really twenty-four hours that we are born to the really last breath that we take in life. Therefore.

we can non truly foretell when this stressor will come to see us. It is proper that we prepare ourselves anytime because during nerve-racking state of affairss our organic structure reacts with it impacting the physical. emotional. cognitive and behavioural facets of an person that brings about alteration to the normal operation.

All of these facets are interconnected with each other. We can non truly eliminate wholly stress but at least we do stairss which will decrease our exposure to it and to avoid oneself be controlled by this emphasis. With these.

in order to get by up with this and to acquire back on path is to derive control over one’s life. We do things which will decrease the luggage that we are conveying through the undermentioned activities: diversional activities. happening company to be with. slumber. eat.

watching films. self-isolation and others. But for me the really utile manner to pull off emphasis is to place it. reflect for positive mind-setting. program acts that will counterbalance with it. make this acts for the improvement of one ego and everything else will follow subsequently on that will eventually take to emphasize managing and emphasis alleviation.I besides learned that there are besides techniques on how to pull off emphasis by making massage.

nine-joint exercisings. relaxation techniques like deep external respiration and others. Human as we are.

we are created otherwise from one another. A emphasis for one may non be a emphasis for the other. An intercession or get bying mechanism against emphasis by certain may see by another as an extra stressors. Therefore. we must seek to pull off ourselves and acknowledge clearly our single bounds.The Stress Management Workshop.

I may state. was a success. We learned a batch and at the same clip we enjoyed the modus operandis and Sessionss they conducted to us. Knowledge was acquired and rest assured this cognition will be shared to others.

be used in my day-to-day life particularly when I’m under a nerve-racking state of affairs.


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