Reaction Paper Essay

Reaction Paper 7            The way of thinking or frame of mind of an individual plays an important role in the way by which they perceive other people. There are various means that could influence the mindset of an individual.

The media is one of the most powerful tools that could greatly impact the way people think. This kind of adage is observable in the form of films or motion pictures wherein the characters in a certain story could invoke upon its viewers to analyze and realize new things as well as change their previous perceptions. In line with these, the mystic fire videos that are made up of various movies exemplified the power of the media in influencing people in terms of re-thinking their beliefs and notions about Muslims.

            The movies within these mystic fire videos capture the attention of the audience by means its exceptionally craftsmanship through brilliant directors and versatile actors and actresses. The main focus of most of its movies is by enlightening its viewers most of them have prejudices and stereotypes about their fellow human beings. Most westerners believe that Muslims are mostly Arabs, which is not actually the case. The existence of terrorism as a new security threat also makes people think that those who adhere to the Islamic religion are violent people despite the fact that Islam actually advocates peace (Mystic Fire Online, n.d).            These videos could be beneficial to many people especially in the field of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is after the well being of individuals particularly to the way that they think about themselves and others. In line with these, the mystic fire videos could aid in enlightening individuals in actually having the proper knowledge about Muslims. This could aid those who are experiencing xenophobia as well as those that have certain resentments about people in the Middle East. In this sense, movies could indeed, be regarded as a valuable tool that would not only entertain people but will also contribute to their well-being as better individuals.ReferenceMystic Fire Online.

(n.d.). Mystic Fire Videos. Retrieved June 21, 2009, from  


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