Reaction Paper for Human Services Sample Essay

Definition: Goodness benefits all the people of a society every bit and reasonably. and equal chance for all. Justice prevails through goodness. and will overrule immorality.

Motto: Justice and Equality for all. Goodness rewards all. Together we work as a whole for the benefit of all.

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Social: Each individual has the same power and society degree. No 1 is more powerful or better than the individual. all people are created equal to function upon this Earth for a intent. Finding the intent is the hardest undertaking for some. Everyone has strengths and goodness within oneself.

The society will convey these things to the surface. The goodness of a individual will profit themselves. the community. and the society. The justness from the goodness will predominate because goodness overrides the immorality. Evil can come up but will be replaced by goodness and immorality put back in the deepnesss of where it should remain. Once a society is placed on the values of goodness it will go a changeless strength for the society and with changeless use. go a societal norm for the society.

All of this society would hold an input into treatments of their community and volunteering would be a demand for each grownup. Volunteering benefits the service every bit good as the individual who is volunteering. necessitating volunteering in human services. faith. aged and young person. every bit good as organisations such as Red Cross. United Way and etc. A part to a society makes the society better as a whole with offerings of goodness for all. Majority of people want goodness in their lives and in their environment. evil can be kept in cheque by peoples behavior and assist from a society. Evil normally arises when people have been done wrongly in society or society has put them down harmonizing to power degrees.


Peoples in this society will hold no power degree of strength to utilize ; all will be on the same degree. Peoples will be given an equal chance for instruction. skill development. and sweetenings for work attempt. medical attention. and investings. Percentages of income will be invested in the authorities to supply the free instruction. medical coverage. and commissariats for benefits of retirement. The authorities on equal shared addendums from the workers will supply Social Security and Medical Care. Peoples would lend economically on an equal footing. Every citizen would be able to profit the work force with accomplishments and employment. All would have equal wage for their services and skills whether the degree of old income graduated tables. Balancing out equal income per occupation accomplishment or instruction is taken in usage for authorities supplementing medical attention. instruction. and lodging for the society.

The authorities would supply lodging to the people that could non afford personal lodging ; homelessness would non be an issue. All of the society’s lodging would be in the same basic scope for all and transit would be provided by metropoliss. It would non be necessary to have a auto. unless the individual wanted.


The authorities is run on a two party system. voted on by the citizens. Every portion of the authorities is resembled to the present twenty-four hours authorities of the U. S. . with the exclusion of the electoral montage. A individual running for office of the President would be elected on the popular ballot of the state. The state would be able to be self-sufficent to the state and its citizens. The authorities would be able to supple the needful plans to assistance and aid. every bit good as coverage of metal. medical. and aged attention of the people. The equal income of all based on accomplishment and parts to their community and society as a whole will allow the authorities have no usage for income revenue enhancement and sale revenue enhancement use. Peoples will elect their functionaries on the popular ballot. with input to the functionary with communicating when needed.

Over all Position:

Society will ne’er be this manner ; it has ever had power degrees and strengths to utilize against the weaker and the non as strong. School and employment use the similar power degrees on where a pupil or worker tantrums into the system. All society classs each other and topographic points you where they feel is appropriate. I ne’er did like that. a individual is created likewise and in my judgement you or I are no better than the unemployed. stateless individual on the streets. We are placed on this Earth to make a occupation. some better than others. but as a ground for arrangement. to demo good and bad. and be an illustration or betterment to society. Capitalism will ever be to a degree of some sort and Communism will non catch. However the old True Communism may non hold been to bad. with some accommodations added to the theory.


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