Reaction Paper on Vampires Essay

Vampire films ever have tonss of fans. and of class. I’m a lamia movie fan. excessively. In the yesteryear. lamias looked so chilling: they were old. highly ugly. knows nil but killing… Nowadays. nevertheless. people start to do lamias more “human” ( and sometimes they are made even better than human existences ) : They are so fine-looking they have breath-taking faces. they have sexy figures ; they are immortal they won’t dices because they are excessively “old” . in other words. they are undead.

They still looked immature even thought they are 100s old ages old ; they have so many world powers they read heads. they move every bit fast as air current. they are incredibly strong. Now people even made lamias cognize more than merely runing like animate beings they know love affair every bit good. they will fall in love with similar human do… I think this might be one of the grounds why people love lamia films that much: because we find that our dreams ( which can ne’er come true in existent life ) come true in these films. Reverse Psychology” is frequently used on kids. through which parents allow their kids to make something by stating them ”don’t make this. ” This is because kids are more likely to react orders with reactance. In the film “let the right one in” . when Eli and Oskar foremost met. Eli told Oskar “I can’t be your friend” . But evidently. Oskar didn’t have a clear desire to do friends with Eli. Eli started saying a negative in order to accomplish her positive end. And this is the usage of contrary psychological science.

Based on the movie notes. Eli’s purposes regard the map of Oskar is a replacing of Hakan. But even after reading the movie notes. I still feel that Eli’s ultimate end with Oskar is non merely for happening person to kill people and acquire blood for her. For me. Eli is merely seeking to hold a friend who can maintain her company. It’s easy to state that Eli’s attitude towards Oskar is wholly different from that to Hakan. she cares about Oskar ( at least for me it is ) . At the beginning I thought Hakan is the male parent of Eli. but subsequently on I found he’s more likely to be person who helps Eli happening “food” .

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He might used to be Eli’s lover. but that’s merely a conjecture. because there might be other grounds why he chose to take attention of Eli. For illustration. he might be the one who cause Eli’s altering into a lamia. he experience guilty so that he chose to remain with her. Harmonizing to the notes. at first Eli tried to feel Oskar as a possible consecutive slayer. so she took control of Oskar’s self-image…Assume that Eli is a paedophile. she might maintain Oskar. a immature male child with her and replace Hakan. who’s no longer utile to her.

In this movie. the eldritch ability is shown to audiences over and over once more. and it presents that love is merely an alibi. which is used to mask the subliminal world of objectification and development. By looking at the manner Oskar frocks and behaviour. we can state that Oskar is an emasculate personality in this film. I think that’s why the male child enjoy doing merriment of him. I thought that the ground why Oskar didn’t of all time fight back is because he is so cowardice that he’s afraid that they might hit him harder if he fights back.

But the note assumes that Oskar is really sublimating his unconscious sexual attractive force by leting himself to be victimized. I think that because the group of bad male childs ever attacked Oskar and he couldn’t acquire any aid from person else. so he was mentally sick already. He had a strong desire of avenging but he didn’t have the “courage” to make so. He wants to kill people if it is allowed. Merely because he knows that he can non make it. he transferred his interior desire of killing to roll uping the newspaper cuttings on slaying. I think his excessively cowardliness.

When I foremost watched this film and saw Eli asked Oskar to learn her how to play the Rubrik’s regular hexahedron. I didn’t believe excessively much about this. But after reading the notes. it shows me that Rubrik’s regular hexahedron might be one of the tools Eli usage to accomplish her blind ( which is to acquire near to Oskar ) . I think because Eli is a lamia who can non populate without imbibing human’s blood. so it’s better for her to populate in a lower category flat so that she won’t gimmick people’s attending. otherwise she will acquire into problem so easy. In a revealing scene. we saw Eli’s naked inguen with a horizontal sutura. which means Eli was a male child but castrated by person.


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