Reaction Paper: Realist or Dreamer? Essay

Reaction Paper: Realist or Dreamer?            Because the world nowadays is so full of turmoil and strife, there can be only two possible options for a person to choose from—be a dreamer, which is to hope for greater things; or be a realist, which is to be practical and live with what the world has to offer. Being a realist or dreamer can also be translated to being a pessimist or optimist—to choose to look at the world with the perception that it can offer nothing else or to look at the world that it has infinite possibilities. Because of this, I can say that I am a dreaming realist—more of a realist but a bucket full of a dreamer at the same time.

            I am a dreaming realist because I choose to live in the present and I know that trying to desperately imagine things or cling to things which are not there is not just pathetic—it is also dangerous. This is because I believe that too much day dreaming can ruin one’s life. Choosing to live in the imagined just because it is better than what is real is an escapist’s excuse of not trying to work on making the present better. Because of this, I look up to Steve Jobs of the Apple Company who had set himself great goals that seemed impossible but which he achieved because his goals were very, very great—but not impossible. He was a realist who dreamed of greater things—even that of defeating Bill Gate’s Microsoft Company.

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Jobs right now may not be that close to Gates’ power and riches but he is definitely on his way there—and knowing that he is near his goal makes him go forward, work harder and be happier.            Just like Jobs, I am a dreaming realist because I believed in the now and yet greatly persevere as I eagerly look forward to the future. I just hope that my dreams would be fulfilled one day—so that in the future, I can be known as the realist who dreamed—and whose dreams came true.


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