Reaction to a Slave Narrative Essay

Reaction to a Slave Narrative            Through his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass self memoir, author Frederick Douglass describes events that are inspirational owing to the great resilience and determination he demonstrates in slavery. For example, Douglass faces numerous impediments to his development but perseveres, eventually coming out victorious. The very notion that Douglass is a slave who cannot freely determine his destiny shows that Douglass’ life is constrained. As an illustration, Douglass is denied some of the most basic of human rights, including his right to education.

Such mistreatment does not however dampen Douglass determined spirit. The extraordinary resilience that Douglass possesses enables him to go through all such hardships. He finally escapes from slavery, ultimately becoming a free man.Regarding determination, Douglass describes various events in his life that, although discouraging, demonstrate his immense determination. For instance, just a short while after he is born, Douglass becomes separated from Harriet bailey – his mother. This development is obviously a downside for Douglass. Nevertheless, the determined youngster soldiers on.

He thus survives the somewhat harsh conditions in Colonel Lloyd’s farm. Douglass’ determination, coupled with extraordinary resilience thus enabled him to withstand the trying conditions of slaves in this farm. It is noteworthy that even after being passed on from one slave owner to the next like some sort of inanimate entity, Douglass’ high hopes doe not wane. He successfully endures slavery under  Hugh auld,  Thomas auld,  as well as under William Freeland. The facxt that Douglass does not allow the mostly inhuman treatment that he receives under these salve masters break his resolve to be free demonstrates that he has a very strong resilience.

Such a pleasant character is truly inspirational because it practically shows that even in the most trying of moments, persons can spring back to their glorious selves. A careful study of Douglass real-life account is therefore a phenomenon that can prove truly beneficial to downtrodden individuals.In addition, as he describes his various extraordinary achievements under slavery, Douglass demonstrates intense determination that is very inspirational. For instance, while under the mastership of William Freeland, Douglass takes the initiative of educating fellow slaves.

  Such a bold decision, bearing in mind the obvious dangers involved, shows that Douglass is a determined individual who does not easily cower to outside pressure. Such determination is clearly evident owing to the fact that Douglass’ bold move draws slaves even from adjoining farms. The slaves are thirsty for knowledge, an aspect that is clearly frowned upon by their masters. This issue endangers Douglass’ life.

Still the determined personality goes on with his education endeavors. In addition, after Douglass is passed on to Hugh auld to be apprenticed on trade, Douglass demonstrates extraordinary willingness to learn. Through his determination, Douglass demonstrates a remarkable ability to become acquainted with various aspects of the trade realm. In effect, Douglass becomes a skillful trade personality who even rivals his White counterparts.

Consequently, he is awarded the highest remuneration of that time. It is also noteworthy that Hugh auld appropriates all the income that Douglass makes. Moreover, when auld finally allows Douglass to make his own money besides the one that auld receives, Douglass demonstrate determination because he soon collects enough funds to enable him to escape from slavery. Such an act shows that Douglass strong sense of determination has not been impaired.In conclusion, through his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass story,  Douglass describes personal events that re truly inspirational; owing top the sheer determination and resilience that he demonstrates. For instance the fact that Douglass survives through slavery shows his determination and resilience.

The entire story is thus a very remarkable depiction of resilience and determination.


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