Read the Description Please Essay

Read the Description Please

Christopher McCandless was born on February the 12th 1968. He can be described as courageous and independent, trying to live in the interiors of Alaska. A man obsessed the nature, rights after his graduation derelict his privileges and wondered to the interior of Alaska.  A man like McCandless born to a wealth family, deciding to live in wilderness was a big decision. He was a secretive person, but talented and skilled.

There are people who consider him as foolish, but in a true sense he developed a different philosophy in life, and illustrates the image of nature in the most unique way. No doubt, he looked freedom from all the social stigmas. As an escape he traveled the whole of United States and Mexico and finally landed in Alaska. But at the same time, he was looking for spiritual solace in life and tried to identify the truth about life and nature.

His hard childhood made him look the world from a different direction. He failed to appreciate social changes in lives. He could not tolerate the social obstacles. But, even after he deprived the civilized world, the movie show scenes that, there were time he had to work for money. His poor trouble-free mind also misguided him putting him into many uninvited troubles. He was pure and noble but, he failed to understand nature and her course.

He made many serious mistakes in his journey. He should have told someone about his plan, which never happened. The movie shows how he tried to survive the hard winters in Alaska as nature went hard on him. There should be a fine balance between nature and man. There is no one way out. Moral purity and selflessness can be attained only through striking stability in life. At the end he gave up and submitted to nature and admitted defeat. Nature has a story to say, and we must adapt to learn from her and live along simultaneously.


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