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Christopher McCandless landed in Alaska without proper equipment. He was found dead in a bus, a few weeks after his death in stampede trails. He hiked along the snow covered Stampede trails and found an abandoned bus left behind by the Yutan Construction Company during the road building to serve as a backcountry shelter for hunters, trappers and ranger patrols. It was parked on an overgrown section of the trail near Denali National Park.

Stampede Trail is located in the interior Alaska at 63’52’06.23N and 149’46’09.49W. The tallest mountain in North America “Mount Mickinly” is located near the trail. It’s wet and cold during the summers and frozen during the winters. The great plain of stampede trails is filled with thick bushes. River Teklanika flows throughout the trail. The weather is unpredictable; it could snow or rain anytime. Stampede trail is an animal sanctuary, where wild life is preserved. Permafrost is also beginning to warm around Lake Eightmile.

The geographical location and its’ extreme climatic conditions forbids human to live for long durations in stampede trail. It’s almost impossible to stay there without the right equipment. One need to take care of food, water, clothing, raingear, sleeping bags, tents, maps and compass and emergency gears before getting there. The temperature can drop down to -30’f during the winters. The terrain is rich in fauna, but without proper knowledge it can be dangerous. And since Stampede is located in interior Alaska, it does not have proper communication with civilization. Without a proper guide wild animals can also be dangerous many a time. It could rain anytime and can cause disastrous flood in the plains.

Without, the right tools and knowledge, it’s not the right place to travel. It could turn out fatal, like it happened to Christopher McCandless.



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