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            The integration of security policies with the recent advances in research and development has already become a definitive feature of progress in homeland security operations.

In their article, Laxminarayan and Kun (2004) discuss the many facets of homeland security and the role of R&D in coordinating professional efforts in the fight against terrorism. The authors assert that “the creation of DHS is one of the largest and foremost one-time investments ever in the United States” (Laxminarayan & Kun, 2004). Terrorism can take a variety of forms, and technology must play the central role in dealing with terrorist threats (Laxminarayan & Kun, 2004). Technology and science could help security professionals to tackle with the most challenging homeland security issues, from the surveillance of patients infected with specific biological agents and biosensing detection to the assessment of human health risks under the influence of biological agents (Laxminarayan & Kun, 2004).

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Professionals in homeland security can access and use numerous technical advances in biohazard detection, including molecular engineering technology and bio-intelligence; however, global cooperation must be reinforced, to improve the coordination of security efforts and to help all nations to live in peace (Laxminarayan & Kun, 2004).            Whether the creation of DHS was the biggest one-time security investment ever made by the U.S.

is difficult to define. However, what Laxminarayan and Kun (2004) discuss in their article supports the tendency toward integrating advanced IT solutions with the security policy decisions. Terrorism is becoming more technological, and homeland security agencies must be prepared to respond to these challenges. Global integration of security efforts could help different countries to adopt the best research and technology developments and to promote better efficiency of homeland security operations. Unfortunately, Laxminarayan and Kun (2004) do not offer any ideas as for how global integration could develop and sustain; as such, their article is only the starting point in the subsequent analysis of global technological opportunities in homeland security operations.ReferencesLaxminarayan, S.

& Kun, L. (2004). The many facets of homeland security.

IEEEEngineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, January/ February, 19-29.


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