Reading a censored book Essay

AbstractThe Lord of the Rings is a fantasy novel written by JRR Tolkien as a continuation of his other previous novels like The Hobbit, which then has been changed over time into something of a greater work. Tolkien, as much compared to Rowling, made a world of his own in this novel. The story took place in a place called middle-earth where tha main antagonist, The Dark Lord Sauron made a ring, the ruling ring as they may call it, in his place on Mount Doom. When he was defeated by a man named Isildur, the ring was lost from his possession, being claimed by the man.

Isildur is then killed by Orcs and the ring got lost again. Smeagol, a hobbit, founf this ring while he was fishing with his cousin, and took possesion od if by nearly five hundred years until Bilbo Baggins, another hobbit, found it just in time when Smeagol misplaced it. Back at Bilbo’s hometown, The Shire, Bilbo gave this ring to Froddo who has a wizard friend Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf, knowing the real origin of the ring, took Frodo on a mission of protecting this ring and bringing it to Mount Doom (where it was created) for destruction. This ring has caused human and other creatures on middle earth (elves, orcs, dwarfs, etc) to posses evil and greedy thoughts than only Hobbits can quite suppress. It is then up to Froddo, to restore the peace on Middle-earth because as long as the ring is existing, there will be war. The novel conveyed numerous adventures on middle earth and other places on it.

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It also introduces a variety of mythical creatures and make believe characters. The book is then divided into a trilogy, explaining every details of Frodo’s adventures with his friends, and the so called fellowship of the ring, to their destination in Mount Doom.            On 2001, The Lord of the Ring books were burned in Alamagordo, New Mexico outside Christ Community Church along with other Tolkien novels claimed by the people as satanic (Doyle, 2007). The fictional characters and fantasy theme of the book may have caused a different interpretation on religious people. The prevailance of evil by the possesion of the ring may have also caused the people’s satanic analyzation of the film. However, there are other reviews made on the book that tells of its racism (Yatt, 2002). Critics perecpted that Social class has been used in determining the behaviors of the characters on the book.

In this case, it also have been considered as a factor in the portrayal of good and evil. For instance, the Orc’s outer image readily percepted by Tolkien as the evil creatures during the war on Middle-earth. The Elves beautiful image made them pure and good while the humans are weak and easily give in to evil. This somehow made the readers feel unfair about the judgment on the characters.             In discussing banned books on class, the consent of someone superior must first be considered. A meeting on the faculty staff can also be useful for the opinion of many matters. A quick survey about the religion on the teachin g area should also be a factor for it is the people’s religion that are mostly affected by this novel.

It is also important to remind the parents to guide their children regarding this topic and also teach them how explain this matter to their children. Once the staff, religion and consent of superior has been approved, the method of teaching it to the class should now be regarded. Since critics view this book as schorlarly written, it is better that the structure of the book is the one dicussed on the class rather than the content of the story.  Tolkien’s writing styles should be better emphasized to avoid conflicts on the books moral and ethical claims. Study of this book is useful in discussing general ideas like teamwork, leadership, friendship and love. Fantasy-themed subjects however should be carefully discussed since it might give children wrong impressions.

This book is suggestible in learning for 5th grade children and above. It is better that children has a huge range of understanding about certain make believe characters rather than them learning about these things the first time, at an early age. High school level is also good for it is by then, students are exposed to imaginative matters, and does not take the subject of fantasy too seriously.

Tolkien’s work is a good subject on literature study. This book has created a large impact on the society (especially after its movie version release) and would certainly take place in history. This book is good for preserving as a literary symbol. Though it is also considered as the bedt imaginative fiction od its time, its better not to talk about certain parts of the book that is considerd a sensitive topic to some culture to avoid clashes.ReferencesDoyle, Robert P.

(2007). Banned Books Resource Guide. Retreived from, John.

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