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All of these templates follow logical sequence of process of writing and tells about the steps for an effective writing. All of these templates systematize the advice in a coherent and well-structured manner. Some templates provide detailed advice and information about all processes whereas other parts of the template get little attention and have little content. Overall, a suitable balance for all section is missing. But it must be noticed that all templates provides information according to individual needs and requirements of the paper submitted. There is some general information but advisors do not generalize about the writing process. They have little to say about the sections of the submitted paper they consider perfect and they follow it. For example History advice template advises a lot about organization of the paper and suggests practical advices on outline and organization it but Literature paper say very little about organization as organization of this paper is perfect. So advisors have taken into account the individuals needs. Furthermore, different methodologies to conduct research are given and different citations styles are given that are essential part of a good research paper.


1.      Advice templates provide information according to the requirements of an individual paper.

2.      Each template judges the paper against the assignment requirements that are given by the teacher. So decision and advice is not based on advisors own preferences and knowledge.


In the formatting and Citations section, links are not provided to get further detailed information about different citations style. Furthermore, little information is provided about formatting according to different citation styles.
Grammar section only contain information about active and passive voice and there is no information about “run-on sentences”, punctuation etc.
Technique I will use:

I will use the summary technique as it provide a quick view about the findings and recommendations of the advisor and writer can comprehend easily what he/she needs to do.
I will judge the paper according to needs and requirements of the assignments and will advice accordingly instead of my own standards.


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