Reading Critique Essay

            The article by Lala and Schneider provides the opportunities and weaknesses of reinforcing IT monoculture. The validity of this process presents specific changes in the way management of IT infrastructure as well as processes is administered. However, threats associated with attacks and employing defense systems remain to be an issue as the monoculture opens up new vulnerabilities within complex and diverse network systems (Lala and Schneider, 2009). Seeing this, the perspective of exploring the creation of diversity systems may be the suitable approach in combating the threats brought about by the application of IT monoculture.

            Applying this context in the realm of information security and cyber terrorism, the basis then of strengthening information networks remain a key concern because it reinforces effective strategies related to increasing sustainable means for monitoring, policy development, and increasing accountability among policing agencies. The challenges presented in the article seek to diversify better ways to address the hurdles to the system and allow better enforcement of policies. These remains to be critical especially today when majority of enforcement agencies rely heavily in the use of technology and IT infrastructure for identifying, monitoring, and policing strategies.

            Overall, defining the opportunities and weaknesses of strengthening I.T. monoculture promotes facilitative means to continuously improve security systems and infrastructure. It opens up new patterns that can enhance how agencies use technology to better policies and mechanics involved in the policing process. At the same time, advocating measures to address problems can also strengthen the role of enforcement and monitoring in today’s society. As many agencies try to incorporate and explore the possibilities of utilizing technologies, it opens up new perspectives to make tasks easier and facilitate favorable patterns related to the multi-faceted principles related to the establishment of security and stability.


Lala, J.H. and Schneider, F.B. (2009) IT Monoculture: Security Risks and Defenses. IEEE

Computer Society. pp. 12-13


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