Reading for pleasure Book

Reading for pleasure
Book : 1984
Author : George Orwell.

The Book '1984' is a dystopian novel which was written in 1949 by
George Orwell. I personally love this book because the words are perfectly written to
give out this feeling that warns us about the impending dangers in the future of
surveillence technology that gives out a spine chilling feeling. The line "Big brother is
watching you" literally made my head turn around in search of anyone who was
indirectly spying on me.

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The chief character of the novel is Winston who works for the ministry
of truth . The novel entangles deeper and deeper into him breaking laws one by one.

He first breaches the rule and commits the crime of thoughts . He writes down his
day to day actions in a diary , in the process of commiting crimes he falls in love with
a girl named Julia and the two get into a relationship and feel like they are free from
Big Brother's omnipresent gaze in Winston's shop which he rents for Mr.Charrington. They constantly break the rules framed by the ministry of love and form a
rumoured revolution called the Brotherhood. Winston calls his favourite colleuge to
join the revolution. But it turns out to be that Mr.Charrington and Winston's colleguewere a part of the secret police of truth. The two are jailed for having thoughts of
their own and tortured by the ministry of love for getting close to each other. The
two are shown meeting each other in the same place as though they never met
before . Winston's thoughts of rebellion all vanished with no trace . He is left with
thoughts of loyality for his work and admiration for Big Brother.

The themes of corruption , political domination along with Orwellian
horror imagination of English Socialism was a sensational book in the times where
Stalin was trying every math to thrust his domination over Russia. Readers can still
relate with the idea of a Governement so strong that it dominates thought ,
emotions , individuality and identity itself.


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