Reading For Pleasure Reading is one of my hobbies and I get so immersed in books that I forget my meals

Reading For Pleasure
Reading is one of my hobbies and I get so immersed in books that I forget my meals. I have read around 65 books in my life and currently I am reading my 66th book that is ” LOVE YOURSELF” by Walter Trobisch. It is a devotional book and a very small one, it just contains around 55 pages. This book is about loving oneself truly despite his shortcomings that is accepting himself fully as he is. This book contains the words “self acceptance and depression” on its cover. This is the second devotional book which I am reading more for information rather than for pleasure. As I am working on a blog about mental health, I read this book. It teaches oneself to love himself / herself fully. It talks about the lack of self love and consequences. It says about depression and helps in overcoming it.
At first I found this book a less interesting one as it deals with a deep topic on a devotional note. But as I was getting fed up with it, I found a letter inside from it, penned down by the author saying , ” This book may be heavy at times but if read slowly and thoughtfully this book reveals many things, God will lead you through it” . This kindled my energy and made me read this book with a keen interest. To my astonishment, I read the Bible verses which I have read an umpteen times but have never read it from this author’s point of view. It gave so much meaning. I was stunned to read a familiar verse from a different perspective. Each verse gave so much meanings. I found Various ideas and even used this book as reference to give message in one of our prayer groups. It helped me to accept my defects with the help of God.
This book talks for individuals, youngsters, married couples etc. This book made me add more books on my Goodreads app’s bookshelf. Self love, self hate, self acceptance, self rejection, depths of depression, these were the themes discussed in the books in a warm and practical manner. The cons of this book is people who are not into reading and non Christians can never understand this book easily. The book is dry and heavy at times but if read properly, it gives different meaning to verses. Though there is nothing much to hype up about this book, the way of seeing things in a different perspective is what makes it interesting. A person who has lost faith in himself or a person who is going through a phase of depression can be helped by this book.
As I am very new to this genre, I am unable to write much about this book. If I am reading a book from my favourite genre, that is classic or contemporary, I can write more about in this assignment.


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