Reading Note Essay

Reading NoteWrite a brief summary of the article and identify the most important point that the article makes. Explain how and why you consider the article and the point it makes to be important in relation to global cultures, ethics and violence.Summary of the articleThe article brings forth a detailed imagery about economies that have transitioned into the new world economies and as a result of which every citizen of the new economy is consumed by a materialist wave of thought in the name of ‘progressive culture’ that has come to define and pervade our senses with a false sense wellbeing. The unethical production of goods and services in many countries continue to happen with the help of exploited labor which is a form of slavery with scant disregard to human dignity.

There is very little that is being done to abolish slavery as local governments remain disinterested nor are they keen to abolish slavery for protectionist reasons to continue trade.            The most important point that the article puts forth is that it should be the collective will and responsibility of citizens to work with the government to abolish slavery in any form  to lend ethical credibility to the national image that stands for better practices in  trade and commerce thru the scientific and rational application of technology and human relations.            It is important to note that as developed countries have virtually abolished slavery in comparision with developing countries that have yet to abolish the unethical use of human labor- it has resulted in an imbalance of trade amongst of nations. While developed economies rely on science and technology for a progressive society- poor nations cannot afford to invest in sophisticated technology and instead tend to rely on labor intensive production of goods and services.

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Unlike developed countries, economically backward countries lack the desired technological expertise to produce good and services, hence, an opportunity for a need to trade is established by the western bloc countries in order to diversify and expand their businesses where labour is cheap and taxes are low. In the process there is a reverse colonization in the form of dependency on rich nations. Therefore sustainable development is affected, because everyone is led to believe that they are learning to keep pace with the developed nations, which is actually not the real progress.

The gap is only getting wider because the foreign direct investment that is channeled into the country is only meant to develop goods and services for profit maximization. There is an absence of participation in infrastructure investment, building up a talent base of skillset for human capital development, e.t.c. While the richer nations continue to march on progress to the future, it is the poorer countries that are still lagging behind, because they are helplessly caught in a debt trap with leading nations.

The deficit is only getting wider and its effects are felt at the grass root level of the society.Over a period of time, intellectual awareness amongst countries has increased to a large extent, whereby the traditional view or approach to the governance of policies has given way to a new order. The growing menace of terrorism, regional wars, economic hardships faced as a result of price hikes are attributed to a decision making amongst the wealthy nations. Increasing mistrust and a decay of social and national values is also widening the gap between the rich and poor nations. 


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