Reading Response on Eric Miller’s, The Cell Phone and It’s Hold on today’s Youth Essay

Reading Response on Eric Miller’s Essay, The Cell Phone and It’s Hold on today’s Youth(Appendix A/Finding, Using, and Documenting Sources – Prentice Hall Reader. 604-605)(1) How well does Miller employ research in his essay?In his essay, Eric Miller employed research in a way that he used a particular topic of interest to the modern society that necessitates an inquiry? the cell phone. In this manner, Miller would like to discuss how the aforementioned topic has taken its significant role in the modern day people. Further, he used a particular scenario to win the readers’ attention as observed in the first few lines of his essay.

He wants to bring the readers to a particular setting where they could imagine themselves into it. On the other hand, he stated his thesis statement as quoted: “In recent years, the cell phone has morphed from being an expensive occupational necessity used predominately in businesses to a commonplace personal item used predominately by the youth” (Prentice Hall 604). In here, we can observe that he employed an assumption that is a subject for further inquisition.

Hence, his essay explored how the cell phone has evolved by digging into some factual information such as its historical background and geographical trends of users.(2) When does his research best support his ideas?As every research should have this feature, his ideas were best supported when he provided some relevant and informative data pertaining to the cell phone’s conception and progression. He illustrated this by putting some significant dates and statistical percentage of the users in the continents mentioned. Thereby, it makes his paper more convincing and educational, as well.(3) When do you find his research problematic or wanting?Upon reading some interesting information like the dates when the cell phone was first conceptualized and used, it could have been more interesting if he only used some accurate in-text citations as to where the reader can find those details in a book or some other references for substantiation. As part of an audience who reads his work, I will find it more accurate if I can see those in-text citations and perhaps, after reading his essay I could find some time to browse some references he cited for further details. Moreover, as labels were found on the sides of his essay pertaining to some citation flaws, specific pages for electronic references were never placed inside the parentheses along with the web sources, accordingly.

Thus, it definitely makes his research problematic, as citations were inaccurate; and wanting, as it did provide the pages of the references for the reader’s easier perusal.(4) What would you change if this were your essay?            Truthfully, I appreciate the contents of his paper. For me, the sequence and the organization of ideas were appropriate as I can follow the order to which it is presented. The order of ideas could also lead to answering the assumption, or the thesis statement, which his study is intended to look for.

Moreover, the facts were also pertinent to the study that could help elaborate its contents. However, there are some salient features of a research work, which I found that he was not very careful in dealing with.            As a common knowledge to everyone, citation is used to refer to the works of other people that was utilized in a study. It is an important feature, or should we say, a vital part of every paper that is a subject for research. It could also help the writers to prevent plagiarism, which is a taboo for any paper works.

Furthermore, complete and accurate in-text citation can help the readers find the specific page in a book where an idea has been taken from. In this regard, it aids for an easy access to the references for the readers’ sake. Thus, Eric Miller’s essay was not very cautious on this part.            Therefore, if that were my essay, I would change and improve the technical aspects of it.

In so doing, it will provide the readers a more accurate and a more reliable research work.


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