Reading response The Choice To Do it Over Again Essay

The Choice To Do it Over Again            The first essay, written by Daniel Flanagan, is about the personal choice to change. From the essay, it was evidently presented that one of his core beliefs is the possibility of doing things all over again (Flanagan, 2008). Specifically, this pertains to the concept that even if a person has been associated with failure and wrongdoings, given the right motivation and mindset, a person can indeed turn his or her life around for the better. The key factor as to why he was able to form such a belief is mainly due to the birth of his first child; it was a point wherein he associated the arrival of his son with a real sense of true responsibility (Flanagan, 2008). The birth of his son also became the beginning his own transformation from being illiterate due to his own choices during his youth to an individual of considerably better character and accomplishments. In fact, what started as simply attempting to read along with his son eventually became a serious goal of pursuing a college degree. Thus, Flanagan is currently attending college to attain a degree in sociology (Flanagan, 2008).

A Reverence for all LifeThe author of the second essay, Michelle Gardner-Quinn, believes that all forms of life should be supported and maintained with respect in mind (Gardner-Quinn, 2007). Her core belief regarding the environment was formed due to a realization. During her childhood, she appreciated the environment by exploring their own backyard where she observed various organisms. However, eventually, she realized that her sense of appreciation for the environment was not the general perception of individuals towards the environment. Unlike most people who view the environment as merely a form of material resource, she does not hold a utilitarian view of the environment (Gardner-Quinn, 2007).

As expected, having realized such a reality and having formed her belief, she took a strong standpoint in support of the environment and strongly felt that fighting for the environment is important. In her essay, she explicitly stated that every individual should consider his or her relative position in the ecosystem and should be aware that the currently existing environmental problems that are affecting various organisms should be hindered (Gardner-Quinn, 2007).Always Go to the FuneralThe third and final essay assessed was written by Deirdre Sullivan and was mainly regarding what she realized from attending funerals. In fact, the core belief presented in her essay is that attending funerals should always be done (Sullivan, 2005). Her belief in the importance of going to funerals was formed by the actions of her father. During her formative years, her father and the rest of her family was considered to have always went to funerals, in which of course she was always brought along (Sullivan, 2005).

Based upon their constant attendance of funerals, she began to think about the reason as to why attending such funerals are important. Eventually, she realized that even though  attending funerals may be perceived as a source of inconvenience, it should be considered more as something that should be done in order to show compassion as everyone will eventually go through death (Sullivan, 2005). Hence, she has developed not only a physical response in the form of continuously being present in funerals, but she also developed a rational understanding as well as emotional reasons for continuously attending funerals.ReferencesFlanagan, D. (2008, July 20). The choice to do it over again.

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