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AbstractMill’s work, On Liberty, talks about the condemnation of man to be free.

Freedom in the sense of allowing themselves to do whatever they wish to do. He mainly tackled about the government’s power over the people that they govern. In his writing he cited several arguments regarding this matter. For instance, he mentioned that if the government did not allow a hearing to a person’s opinion, considering their judgement as true and accurate is false. He strongly believe on the idea that freedom of speech is necessary to all. However, in the acts of man, he conveyed that a man can do whatever he wish to do, even if it harms himself, as long as other people are unharmed. This freedom permits man to be responsible for the consequences of his mistakes since he thinks that it is alright to commit mistakes.

This concept however, is not based on the permition of natural rights but on the principle of utility.            However, he considered the governent as essential to the people for they need guidance, but he suggeted the limitation of its power. The government must consist of a single ruler who has a vision that would largely benefit all, thus applying the rules of utilitarianism.

He proposed on limiting the power of the ruler so that he would not be able to exercise his power for self benefit and could not make decisions that could harm the society. In short, it is fine to disagree with the decisions of the government. Even so, I think I found a flaw in this argument. What if the people’s decision is not suitable as well? From the rules of utility itself, the goodness of one person should be utilize for the benefit of all, therefore, if roles were reversed, the mistake of one person will be suffered by all.

I also think that if one person should stand up to the government about their opinion then many people would follow this example, and worse, would abuse that privilege. So I think that the rights of the people should be limited and balanced as well.            As for an argument that would be useful for Mill, I think he might agree on the idea that if one person, supposedly should make a good outcome for all mishandle the task, should be responsible in mending it too since this disciplinary action can benefit all as well. This would be useful for Mill since he believe in the concept of creating happiness for the benefit of all. Only this time, it involves responsibility on mistakes because there’s no denying that people commit mistake all the time.;


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