Reading summary Essay

Reading summary            The key stakeholders in the reading are the Australian government, the local government units and the tourism industry of Australia.  The particular interest or agenda of these stakeholders in relation to tourism development is the building and the redevelopment of specific areas in the country that will potentially attract tourists to visit.  The development approaches described in the reading involved the creation of beach resorts along the coastline.  It appears that three particular areas, namely the Gold Coast, as well as the Sunshine Coast and the Cairns are the most appealing areas to visit in Australia.            The potential outcomes for tourism development described in the reading included an increase in tourism revenue (Mullins, 2003).  In addition, the country may also be identified as a promising area for rest and recreation.

  Tourism urbanization also allows the government to identify key areas that need to be reconstructed or maintained.  One of the strengths of the approach to tourism destination development is the identification of specific areas in the country as top spots to see.  One of the weaknesses that may be brought about by tourism development is the pollution in these areas.  The reading acknowledged sustainability policies or practices, which will be important in preserving the natural conditions of these tourist sites regardless of the significant increase in the influx of tourists to these areas.  If I could have influence over this development, I would recommend that certain areas of the country be included as tourist destinations and the rest be preserved as historical spots.  Tourism urbanization is an important aspect of every country because it allows the rest of the world to understand and to appreciate the culture, arts and nature of the place.  It is also important to understand that behind every effort for tourist urbanization, certain rules should be created in order to preserve and maintain order and cleanliness in the country, especially when tourists start to flock to tourist areas of interest.ReferenceMullins, P.

  (2003).  The evolution of Australian tourism urbanization.  In: Hoffman, L.M., Fainstein, S.

F. and Judd, D.R.

  Cities and visitors : regulating people, markets, and city space.  Malden, MA ; Oxford : Blackwell Pub., pages 126-142. 


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