Reasoning Paper Essay

Reasoning Paper            Every individual has to face different experiences in life. Some of these events tend to leave a positive outlook in an individual wherein he or she was able to feel happiness or a sense of fulfillment from such incident. On the other hand, there are also those experiences that might challenge an individual because he or she might get hurt, sad, and depress because of incidents that will not always go about, as he or she wants to. Nevertheless, it is through these experiences that an individual learn valuable lessons in life. An individual realized many things because of his or her interaction with his or her environment as well as the people that are in it (Van Wagner, 2005). Despite the fact that there are many incidents that an individual has to face in his or her life there are some experiences that will leave a mark in an individual’s consciousness, which will become a basis on his or her perspective about life. Most of the time this kind of incidents that an individual remembers for almost the whole span of his or her life is indeed very challenging and has invoke strong emotions within him or her.

This exact situation is greatly applicable in one of the experiences that I have to go through with my life.            In relation to these, it is the main objective of this paper to identify a challenging experience that I had and relate it as well as the corresponding actions that I did and emotions that I felt with the concepts of reasoning. Due to this, the succeeding paragraphs will narrate the experience that I had and my frame of thinking during that time. This paper will tend describe the assumptions and attitudes that I have about the subject. In relation to this, it will also look at role that memory played in this incident.

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Afterwards, this paper will also give due attention to the obstacles that might happen before the “thought through” conclusion take place. Moreover, the type of reasoning that was used in this selected experience will also be elaborated on. Lastly, an analysis of the way by which to enhance the reasoning process in this experience will also be done.The ExperienceI went through a challenging experience in my personal life wherein someone falsely accused me. During those times, I thought that I was living a normal life that is not really that grand but enough to make me feel contented and bless.

Since I have such outlook with regards to my life I always make it a point that I live by my principle of that I will not step on anybody to be able to get what I want or to hurt other people just so I can go ahead with life. As far as I know, I do not have any enemies although I cannot say that all people like me because I believe that I could not please anybody. However, it still shocked me when a student claimed that I pulled her hair when I know for a fact that I did not do anything like that to her.

I do not even have any misunderstanding or conflict with that girl that is why I was really surprised with her accusation towards me.Attitudes and Assumptions about the SubjectThis student’s behavior really affected me. At first, when I found out that she was accusing me of pulling her hair the first thing that I felt was confusion.

I was confused about the whole situation because of the simple fact that I know that I did not do such untoward behavior to anybody. I thought I was just mistaken as someone who did it that maybe the real offender has the same name as I have or who looks like me. However, the girl herself confirmed that it was indeed I. I become more confuse than ever because I have many questions that I cannot answer like why of all people should such thing happened to me and what did I ever do to that girl for her to accuse me of such untoward behavior. Afterwards, I started to feel a sense of anxiety because I was afraid that people would judge me because of this incident. I am afraid that my reputation would be ruined and people will look at me as someone who would just easily hurt others, which also resulted for me to felt a certain degree of anger against this girl.

  In the perspective of classical conditioning, the accusation of the girl can be regarded as the stimulus and my reaction of being confused is the unconditioned response. My later reactions of feeling a sense of anxiety and anger could be regarded as conditioned responses because it is also a reaction out of the accusations of the girl but are somewhat influenced by the state of confusion that I felt (Van Wagner, 2005). Nevertheless, when I was able to clearly think about the situation I was able to see the positive side of the situation.

By using my sense of reason, I realized that this incident is will help me to become a better person. I should not see it as a problem but I challenge that I need to face and addressed properly.Role of MemoryThis incident have indeed leave a mark in my consciousness because I never forget this experience even if it happened way back in my life. This becomes a basis that tends to affect my present perspective of other people (Fischer, n.d.). The girl who accused me later on changed her statement and admitted that I did not pull her hair. However, even though she confessed the truth I did not feel elated about what happened because I believe that the damage has already been done.

At this moment, I remembered the times wherein I easily confide with other people thinking that everybody or almost all of them are good people. I was very idealistic during that time. Nevertheless, the girl’s lies already affected me emotionally and in one way or another has changed the perspective that I have with the people around me because I realized that life is indeed harsh. Due to this, I become afraid of easily trusting people as I always remember this incident that maybe another person will also wrongly accuse me of something that I did not do. This is the reason why every time I met someone new I do not easily confide important things about me to him or her and I do not get easily attached because I might get disappointed again.“Thought Through” ConclusionDuring the time before the conclusion of this incident happened, I can say that the damage done by the girl because of her lies might not be something I could just easily accepted when she already confessed the truth.

When I think about it the conclusion of this incident wherein after the girl told the truth I just merely accepted because I cannot change what she have done. However, I believe that this would not be the ending of this experience of mine if I did something drastic or violent in order to get even with her at the time when she still have not told the truth. If I did not control myself and I retaliated with what she did, I think the problem would have gotten worse than what actually took place.Type of Reasoning that is appliedIn this selected experience that I have, I can say that I have use several types of reasoning.

During the initial stages after I learned about the false accusations of the girl about me, I practiced the abduction type of reasoning because I was trying to ask questions in order to create explanatory hypotheses. Afterwards, when I realized that I should consider this incident as I challenged, I was able to practiced conditional reasoning. This is due to the fact that if this incident did not happen to me I would not become stronger. When the girl already admitted her mistakes, I made a comparison type of reasoning wherein I compared my previous perspective about people with the present one that I have now because of the incident that happened (Syque, 2009).

These types of reasoning that I applied involve previously learned concepts and perceptions, which could be seen in the abduction and comparison type of reasoning that I have used before. On the other hand, it also involved new learning wherein I tend to see problems as challenges something that can be seen in a positive light to improve myself.Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Reasoning ProcessAfter a long period of time had pass, I can say that there are indeed some room for improvements in the reasoning process that I have done during this incident. Instead of merely asking about the questions of why such incident happened to me or what I have done to that girl for her to do such thing, I should have asked the person responsible as to why she committed such act. In doing so, I could have find out the right reasons that would have improved the way I think.

Moreover, the part that my memory played in the process could have also been improved if I did not merely made a comparison of my previous perspective about other people with the present one that I have now. I should have look at the pros and cons of the incident so that I will not have the fear of trusting people and being too attach with them.ReferencesFischer, K. (n.d.). Whose Language? Memory, the body, and discursive practices? RetrievedApril 2, 2009, from http://nats-www. /~fischer/fischermemory.pdf.

Syque. (2009). Types of Reasoning. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from   Wagner, K.

(2005). Introduction to Classical Conditioning. Retrieved April 5, 2009,            from


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