Reasons for European Exploration Essay

There are four major reasons why Europeans wanted to explore Asia. The reasons included economy, culture, politics, and technological advances.

The European were looking for new ideas to bring back to Europe. The first reason for exploration is economics. Europeans wanted spices, perfumes, silks, precious stones, exotic foods, and tightly woven colorful rugs. Asia had all of these goods. European Merchants realized that they could make a fortune selling these goods back at home.

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However, Arab merchants acted as middlemen, receiving a UT of the profits made selling these goods.The European merchants wanted to cut out the middleman so that they could make a larger profit. The trade between European merchants and Arab merchants was known as the East West trade. The second reason for exploration is politics. The reason being, Europeans had a growing interest in the classics: Greeks and Romans, with an interest in philosophy, science, and poetry.

This time period of Intellectual artistic creativity was known as the Renaissance. The popularity of the Renaissance reached Spain and northern Europe by the ass’s. The Renaissance helped pave the way to explore distant lands.The third reason for exploration is politics. During the ass’s powerful nations emerged like Spain, Portugal, England, & France. Each of these countries had strong monarchies. Each monarch nation established national laws, courts and armies. They hoped to increase their population and make more money.

The Monarchs were also ambitious to increase trade and become stronger nations. Finally, there were technological advances that allowed Europeans to explore Asia..

One of these advances being the movable print and the printing press. These lolls give easier access to books, therefore, they were able to gain new information.Another technological reason why Europeans explored Asia was geography. Early maps were inaccurate or drawn from scattered impressions. Europeans wanted Arab geographer’s maps. These maps were accurate land and sea maps.

They wanted to learn direction of sea currents, and Longitude and Latitude lines south of the equator. Europeans also started to use magnetic compasses to help determine location. The last technological reason was creating better ships. Some of these new designs allowed the ships to carry more supplies, cargo, and food. Also with the invention of the stern rudder and the triangular sail ships could sail faster than before.These new ship designs allowed ships builders to create ships that were capable of long sea voyages. The new ships could navigate shallow harbors and carry new weapons. The technological reasons for exploration of Europe was very important.

There were many reasons why Europeans in the Mediterranean region of Europe began to explore Asia. Each one of these reasons being very important. Without the technological advances and greed of monarchies exploration may not have exploded the way it did.


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