Recruitment and Selection Essay

Recruitment and SelectionIntroduction to Recruitment and Selection:            The term recruitment can be defined as the process of selecting the employees and then enrolling new employees for filling out the vacancies in the organization. The process is used to recognize the potential people who are suitable for performing a certain task. The process of recruitment tries to find out the best people for a certain task.

On the other hand, selection is the process of selecting the people by observing them on different criteria. Selection can be said as the initial stage or step of recruitment because for recruiting the new employees’ selection is performed first. There are no fixed criteria for the process of selection; the employees are selected according to the nature of job and on the basis of their qualification and skills. Recruitment is performed in cost effective and with in the limited time period. For any organization, recruitment is the major and key activity that is performed because the selection of employees for performing a certain task is of very much importance.

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Obviously, the selection and recruitment of employee plays a great role in maintaining the position of the organization. Wrong selection and recruitment affects the overall position and value of the organization. Recruitment and selection is the process that is related to the human resource department of the organization. Majority of the problems and issues are raised if the process of recruitment and selection is not performed properly.

Inefficient and poor performance, resignations and up low level performance are nothing but just a result of poor implementation of the recruitment process. (Recriutment, n.d)            The importance of the process of selection and recruitment can not be denied and it supports the position of the organization to the large extent. Recruitment and selection is performed at the level of Management and it is also related to the technical department of the organization. It is the responsibility of everyone who is related to the human resource management that the process of recruitment and selection should be performed honestly, sincerely and with deep observation. Recruitment and selection are two steps of a single process, and the process is to induct new workers.

This process of recruitment and selection is performed in order to obtain the people with best qualification that suits with the nature of the job. It is a non stop activity; it can be considered as a dynamic activity and it goes on always because there can be need of selection and recruitment at any time when the company needs. This is an ongoing and never ending activity as its purpose is to provide the company with the best employees always so this is an activity that can never be stopped.

The process of recruitment and selection helps in increasing the success ratio of the organization by providing it with the selected candidates. It eliminates the low qualified and the employees having no skills. It also helps in growing the efficiency of the organization and also finds out the employees who can provide benefits to the organization not only for the short time period but also in the long run these employees are beneficial to the organization. For getting the desired people with in the organization there should be the proper implementation of the recruitment and selection operation and for this purpose proper policies should be developed so that by working over these policies the goals and objectives are achieved properly. For developing the policies it should be kept in mind that the policies should be related to the objective and the other important factor is to employ these policies efficiently and effectively. The policies should be clear to the management who is involved with the process of recruitment and selection. The proper development of policies makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of the process and to perform the task up to the standards.

The process of recruitment is not only internal it can also be performed externally. (Vareta, n.d)Stages of Recruitment:            There are different steps in which the process of recruitment is performed. These stages are although time consuming and large processes in themselves but they are summarized as following:First of all it is important to find out that whether there is any vacancy in the organization or not.When any vacancy is traced then job requirements and details should be finalized so that only selected and required people show their interest.After defining the requirements and needs of the post now the turn is to find out the candidates. The job details should be promoted so that different people who want to offer their services and who are capable of performing this job should come forward.The processes like interview, tests and tests like psychometric should be conducted and performed in order to refine the candidates and making the selection easier.

After performing all the above steps in details the final step will be the job offer. All these steps are not that simple as they seem to be rather these are very detailed steps and it needs a good expertise to perform all these operations so the team of managers and people related to human resource management who are responsible for performing the task of recruitment and selection should be efficient enough that they can take good decisions. Efficient and effective recruitment is always very much essential for the growth of organization as the organizations continue to grow if its employees are striving for the success but if the employees are not dedicated then any top rated organization will also suffer a great loss. This statement shows that the success of organization is mainly dependent on the efficient workers so recruitment is proved to be the key factor for the success of any organization.

(Recruitment, n.d)Recruitment and Selection in Human Resource Management:            Human resource management is a part of any organization and this part of the organization deals with the people related to the organization. HRM guides the employees about how they should work and what should be their attitude towards work and what should be their direction. HRM has got many functions to perform but the major are to recruit the employees, select the employees, manage the employees and then finally direct the employees. Line managers are mostly the part of the human resource management. Any issues and problems related to the people of the organization are dealt by the human resource managers. These problems and issues may include selection, hiring, safety, benefits, compensations, salary, training, learning, interpreting, communicating, motivation, direction and any other issue related to the members of the organization comes under the responsibility of human resource management.

(Heathfield, n.d)            Recruitment and selection is a major function and responsibility that is performed by the human resource management. But before recruiting the employees for the particular job it is necessary to completely and deeply analyze the nature of the job. The in-depth analyzation is very important so that the search and selection of the employees can be done appropriately.

The job for which there is vacancy is present and for which the entire process is being performed should be observed from all the aspects so that the requirements, needs and all the other factors can become apparent; this strategy will make the process of searching easier. All these observations are then used for the description and promotion of job vacancy. The selectors should be well defined by the skills and other requirements; they should know what they are looking for so that they can make good and appropriate selection. The promotion of the job should be proper and detailed so that the candidates know before applying that what physical and mental attributes are required and what are the things that will be their weak points.

If it is done so then obviously candidates who are suitable for the job will come forward and this will make the process of selection and recruitment more easy as well as it will save a lot of time. As if, wrong and unsuitable candidates will apply for the vacancy then obviously in taking their interviews the time of the organization will be wasted. (Human Resource Management, n.d)In the process of recruitment, the most important task is to define that what a candidate have to qualify for the job. The process of recruitment and selection require more thorough role definitions due to their criticality. The selection or recruitment person or committee must have some thing very clear in order to maintain a proper system of selection and recruitment. The basic strategy is to define a coarse then when ever the organizations need some replacement in staff then it must be very clear.

It is quite interesting that replacement was not supposed to be an automated process and the criticality define the role of replacement. One thing, which is quite interesting that employing some one means that, the organization is hiring some one service in the sake of getting profitability from the person’s skills. At this moment if it hires someone’s whose potential is not that which the organization assumed than this will affect the organization negatively. Most of the times, organizations adopt the approach of getting the help of highly trained professional or agencies from outside to look after the process of recruitment and selection. If the organization is using its own personals to recruit than their selection capabilities and their analysis of the applicant should be perfect; though, recruitment can be of many types. It can be internal promotions or it can be internal introductions.

Even the organization can hire employees some other relations if it thinks that the person is suitable. Every organization has some career appointment board or careers officers. In the today’s world, there are also some organizations that work for other organizations recruitment. That’s why these organizations are referred to as the recruiting firms. The most common way of recruitment and selection is the advertisement on newspapers and on electronic media. This thing is also important that when ever an organization advertise in the newspaper then this advertisement would be attractive, it must have the clear fact and details regarding the job and it also have to be very bold.

  After that phase other situation arises to select the proper candidate for the job. This selection requires obtaining the attitude of the candidate that what is the general approach of the candidate. After the aptitude it comes to the attainment of the candidate that what a candidate have for the organization. Due to the complexity of the process these scenarios require skilled testing and assessment on each and every process.

(Human Resource Management, n.d)            In the conclusion, we can say that hiring the services of the professionals is the right of any organization. This hiring process is somehow very technical that’s why it demands more concentration. This process is commonly known as Recruitment and selection. The recruitment phase is the first phase where the organization decides that what would be the scenario for hiring any specific services. What would be the responsibilities that the position will have? What can be the possible outcomes of hiring the services from out side? The recruitment can be from internal side or it can be from external side. Even organization can also hire some other agencies for their recruitment and selection.

The newspaper advertisement can become more eminent in providing the final setups for the process of recruitment and selection. In simple words, a comprehensive system of recruitment and selection and effective hiring skills can give a rapid boast to the organization.References            Human Resource Management: Function 2: Recruitment and selection of employees (no date) <> Accessed January 4, 2009Nyamupachari Vareta, Recruitment and process (no date) <> Accessed January 4, 2009Recruitment: Definition and additional resources from BNET (no date) http://dictionary.bnet.

com/definition/Recruitment.html Accessed January 4, 2009Susan M. Heathfield, What is human resource management: Definition of human resource management <> Accessed January 4, 2009 


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