Recruitment Process at Hewlett Packard Sample Essay

This paper aims to analyse the procedure of enlisting within Hewlett Packard Ltd. There will be highlighted the strong points of the enlisting procedure but besides the weak points of it. Besides we will hold a instance survey made on a individual that was portion of the enlisting procedure of HP. Andreea Popa. who is besides one of the group members that made this undertaking.

Among the strong points we will advert the “Work – Life balance” construct. At the other side of the narrative. among the failings of the enlisting procedure will be included the little figure of employees in the Human Resources Department which are overwhelmed by their work in some periods of the twelvemonth.

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Cardinal Wordss: methods of enlisting. staff. employee. occupation description. internship. internal campaigners. aggregation specializerOverview“It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common aims and avoid working at cross intents at all degrees if the ultimate in efficiency and accomplishment is to be obtained. ”1— Dave PackardAt the first glimpse Hp is the company that was on the tenth topographic point on Fortune magazine in USA and on the 26th topographic point on Fortune magazine Global.

The company counts an astonishing figure of employees. more exactly 304. 000 employees and it operates in about 170 states worldwide. Another impressive thing about HP is that in the last old ages they ever increased their grosss ; in 2009 the grosss reached the degree of 114. 6 billion USD.

The shared values of HP are:1. Passion for clients – we put our clients foremost in everything we do ; 2. Trust and regard for persons – we work together to make a civilization of inclusion built on trust.

regard and self-respect for all ; 3. Accomplishment and part – we strive for excellence in all we do ; each person’s part is critical to our success ; 4. Consequences through teamwork – we efficaciously collaborate.

ever looking for more efficient ways to function our clients ; 5. Speed and legerity – we are resourceful and adaptable. and we achieve consequences faster than our rivals ; 6.

Meaningful invention – we are the technological company that invents the utile and the important ; 7. Uncompromising integrity– we are unfastened. honest and direct in our traffics.HP’s Corporate Aims have guided the company in the behavior of its concern since 1957. when foremost written by co-founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

These corporate aims are:1. Customer trueness – we earn client regard and trueness by systematically supplying the highest quality and value ; 2. Net income – we achieve sufficient net income to finance growing. make value for our stockholders and accomplish our corporate aims ; 3.

Growth – we recognized and prehend chances for growing that builds upon our strengths and 4. Committedness to employees – we demonstrate our committedness to employees by advancing and honoring based on public presentation and by making a work environment that reflects our values ; 5. Leadership capableness – we develop leaders at all degrees who achieve concern consequences. represent our values and take us to turn and win ; competences ; 6. Market leading – we lead in the market place by developing and presenting utile and advanced merchandises. services and solutions ; 7.

Global citizenship – we fulfill our duty to society by being an economic. rational and societal plus to each state and community where we do business2.Hewlett Packard Recruitment ProcessThe enlisting procedure is one of the most of import activities of Human Resources Department. Recruitment and choice represent phases of the same procedure. intending guaranting the human resources capital of a company. That consists of an assembly of activities get downing with placing individuals matching to the occupation description of the vacant station. pulling suited appliers for that. proving them and eventually engaging the appropriate individuals in the company.

An effectual partnership between Human Resources Department and line direction is essential3. One of the strengths of the enlisting procedure of HP is that it satisfies the above conditions in the sense that the procedure is performed by both parties.Sing the vacancies. there are ever unfastened places in the company taking into consideration the volume of employees and locations of HP worldwide therefore the recruiters are ever occupied. In the undermentioned lines we will explicate how the enlisting procedure works in HP. On the web page of the company there is a particular subdivision for the vacancies within the company. Each vacancy has an id figure ( besides called requisition figure.

at least within HP ) and it could hold been created due to the fact that a former employee leaved the company or that a new occupation was created as the company expands. For each occupation that is posted on the web site there is besides a occupation description – what the occupation entails. After a possible applier finds the occupation on the site he/she must follow the following stairss. It is advisable that the possible applier apply for a occupation merely if he/ she meets the demands in the occupation description.

1. Application. All the applications are made on-line via their occupation portal or on specialised enlisting sites. It is compulsory to finish all the on-line inquiries and to attach a CV. mentions and covering missive. If the application is uncomplete.

it will be returned and the applier will be asked to feed back a completed application. Finally it is automatically stored on their applicant database. which merely authorized persons can entree. The applier inside informations are so checked by the responsible recruiter and subsequently by the hiring director.2. Response to the application. If the application does non fit the demands for the stations presently available. the appliers will have a rejection missive within a short period of clip or at the latest when the requisition they applied for is closed.

However. with their anterior consent. the company will retain their application for a sum of 12 months in instance suited new places become vacant. After 12 months. their inside informations will be deleted automatically. Naturally. if at any clip the applicant no longer wants to hold his/her inside informations stored on the company database.

HP will cancel them for them.3. Telephone Interview. The following stage of the application procedure is a competence based telephone interview with one of HP recruiters. It will find whether the applier has the general accomplishments they require and it gives the applier the chance to larn more about HP and the function he/she has applied for.4. Interview with Manager or Selection Days. After a successful telephone interview the campaigner are usually invited for an interview with the responsible hiring director.

When the company is looking to enroll big Numberss of employees with similar demands. they arrange a Selection Day. During this. several directors meet several campaigners at the same clip.

After brief presentations are given to campaigners. single interviews with the directors take topographic point. The campaigner meets old housemans or alumnuss and HP provides them with an first-class chance to see the HP civilization and give them an penetration as to what it is truly similar to work at HP4. In this measure of the enlisting procedure the campaigners must take an intelligence trial besides.The advantages of on-line enlisting are that it is cost effectual.

because seting a occupation vacancy advertizement on your organisation web site costs nil and on a occupation site normally costs merely a twosome of 100 euro. This method suites best HP as they are one of the leaders on the IT market5.Besides the official enlisting procedure presented below HP besides organizes internship plans and alumnus plans.

Located in more than 170 states around the universe. HP offers interns the opportunity to work in a truly planetary organisation. With their unfastened offices and dynamic on the job civilization.

the housemans will besides be able to web with senior directors who can assist to drive their calling frontward. Out of an internship frequently a thesis undertaking will develop. The success of their plan leads to a big figure of housemans returning to HP as alumnuss. Internships last between 4 and 12 months. The standard continuance is a 6 month practical semester period which normally begins in February/March or August/September. Internships involve disputing assignments that you’ll work on as portion of a diverse.

multi-cultural squad. Due to HP international environment. the housemans must besides hold a strong bid of the English linguistic communication.Our instance survey – Andreea PopaShe applied for an internship plan within HP at the terminal of June 2010. The vacancy appeared on the specialised site for internship plans: World Wide Web. startinternship. ro/ .

The vacancy was in the Credit & A ; Collections Department. for the place Collection Specialist. The enlisting procedure is different for the internship plans within HP than for the usual vacancies. This internship was sponsored by Junior Achievements Romania. JA besides provided the housemans with a sheepskin at the terminal of the plan.At the terminal of July she received a call confirming that she was selected for the following measure of the enlisting procedure which was non the phone interview but straight the interview with the hiring director – in the instance of internship the interview is really held by the squad leader. Irina Voicu. and non by the director of the squad.

Therefore the method of enlisting used in this instance was a formal one as they used direct advertise and 3rd parties ( the website Start Internship ) . One of the advantages of external enlisting is the belief that a flow of new blood into organisations is indispensable and that external appliers will convey different experiences into drama.At the interview Andreea was asked the standard inquiries and the squad leader took notes.

The interview was sustained in English and it last an hr. She did non hold to take the intelligence trial. Besides she received more information sing the occupation and the clip agenda and besides sing the payment. The thought that campaigners for internship have interviews with squad leaders is because in this manner the squad leaders. who are possible hereafter directors. are trained for the possible hereafter interviews with regular campaigners.

At the terminal of the interview she was informed that in the following hebdomad she will have a phone call in order to happen if she was admitted to the internship plan or non. After a hebdomad she was announced that she was accepted in the plan and that the work will get down on the 26th of July 2010 but so she was announced that due to same issues in the Human Resources Department the work will get down on the 2nd of August.During the internship plan she was guided by a coach. In the last hebdomad of internship those of housemans who wanted to candidate for a occupation within the organisation had to take the IQ trial. Andreea talked to her director and show the desire to stay within the squad after the terminal of the plan.

As it happened at that minute there was an unfastened place within the squad and for the same occupation: Collection Specialist. Two hebdomads before the plan ended she received a occupation offer. She accepted the offer with the status that she can go to the seminars at the module although the place that was unfastened was a full clip one – from 09:00 boulder clay 18:00 with an hr interruption.

The new contract should hold start on 3rd of November but once more due to some issues within the HR Department the documents were ready on the 10th of November. In this instance the enlisting method was an internal 1. The employee was recruited from the interior of the company. method which have advantages for both HP and Andreea.During the internship HP did non paid Andreea for her work and they could analyse her strengths and failings. Besides in that period she took the preparations for that peculiar occupation and she was learned the processs of the company. So when she was employed for the same occupation they did non hold to lose clip and money with her preparations. Andreea had the advantage that she did non hold to get down all over once more with larning something new and she already knew her squad and what precisely her occupation implies.

What could hold been improved in the enlisting procedure from our instance survey?First of all there was a small misinterpretation at the interview in the sense that the information provided sing the occupation was non sufficient. At the interview the occupation was described as far much easier that it was in fact. as the squad leader did non advert all the IT cognition that was required ( specially package demands as: SAP ; GetPaid and other plans ) .Then there was the job with the timing from the HR Department.

in happened both in August and so in November that the hiring documents were non ready in clip. During the internship Andreea found out that the figure of employees in the HR Department did non alter over clip although since 2005 when the site in Bucharest was created the figure of employees continuously increased making the figure of 3000 in 2010. It is obvious that although the employees from the HR Department are really good prepared they are overwhelmed with the work they must make now particularly in the period when they have to work at the wages documents. In that period they ever must work overtime.What HP offers in order to increase the figure of campaigners in the enlisting procedure?–“Change your thought of what’s possible at work”—1. Work-Life Balance – David Packard said it best.

In 1967 he wrote “To my head. flextime is the kernel of regard for and trust in people. It says that we both appreciate that our people have busy personal lives and that we trust them to invent. with their supervisor and work group. a agenda thatis personally convenient yet just to others. ”

Exciting calling journey – HP embraces alteration and attempts to larn from it. In a civilization of unfastened doors and unfastened heads. alteration can offer a mosaic of calling chances – across concern theoretical accounts. client sections. geographicss and maps.3. Entire wagess – The HP doctrine of compensation is simple: they acknowledge and reward first-class public presentation.

4. Global citizenship – As a alumnus working for HP. you will be portion of a socially and environmentally responsible. multicultural organisation. 5.

Opportunities to larn – HP employees learn from each other. They learn from their directors who are at that place to back up them ; they learn from their wise mans and co-workers. The 70-20-10 gives them many more chances to larn. The 70-20-10 rule of acquisition: – 70 % geting experience – on the occupation preparation.

larning to work under force per unit area ; – 20 % constructing relationships – Mentoring. Coaching. Feedback ; – 10 % heightening instruction – Workshops and classs. Conferences.Mentions:Books:4 – Ghinea. Valentina Mihaela. ( 2010 ) .

Conducting the company – class. Bucharest: BREN Publishing House6 – Ghinea. Valentina Mihaela. ( 2010 ) . Conducting the company – Seminars.

Bucharest: BREN Publishing HouseSites:1. hypertext transfer protocol: //welcome. horsepower.

com/country/lamerica_nsc_carib/en/companyinfo/corpobj. hypertext markup language2. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

horsepower. com/hpinfo/abouthp/values-objectives. hypertext markup language3.

hypertext transfer protocol: //h41112. www4. horsepower. com/jobs/de/en/recruitment.

hypertext markup language– all sites being visited during the period 01. 04. 2010 – 01. 06. 2010a


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