Recruitment, Selection and Induction Essay

INTRODUCTIONThis book is meant to recruit, select and induct in the organization. It will also fits in the strategic and workforce planning the police that will support the organization.

In other to achieved maximum result, we need to be careful in our selection, recruitment and induction exercises. We will then start to look at analyzing jobs, an important first step in the process. Recruitment and Selection policies provide the framework for the organization’s recruitment and selection practices.

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They communicate the organization’s overall direction as well as defining the organizations objectives in relation to recruitment and selection.Department / Personnel will discuss suggested/necessaryRevisions to the position’s class specIf a current employment list does not exist – Personnel begins interactive recruitment process with theRequesting departmentOutline: Recruitment and Selection Process Flow ChartAdvertisement for the vacant position: External ApplicantsVACANCY! VACANCY!! VACANCY!!!ABC MANUFACTURING35 FACTORY ROADBLACKTOWN                                                              POSITIONHuman Resource OfficerSECTIONCorporate Employment ServicesDEPARTMENTCorporate StrategyPOSITION NUMBERMC27REPORTS TOCoordinator Staff Development & Human ResourcesPOSITION GRADEBand 3 Salary (48,000)DATEOctober 2008The above named organization, here by offer the said position for interested applicant. We shall be glad to receive your application.If you are one of our successful applicants.

It is rest assured that we shall take the responsibilities of other things as you can see the salary and other things.QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE·         Holding, enrolled or intending to enroll, with a view of completing, relevant tertiary qualification in an associated field. This should not deter anyone with experience within Human Resources or Industrial Relations as this will also be highly regarded.·         Preferred, some experience dealing with HR and IR matters.·         Current Class ‘C’ Licence.PERSON SPECIFICATION·         Relevant experience in accordance with requirements of Job Description.·         Appropriate qualifications in accordance with Job Description.·         Knowledge of applicable legislative and regulatory guidelines.

·         Demonstrated commitment to customer service.·         Ability to work within a team environment.·         Availability to work flexible working hours.·         Exceptional communication and negotiation skills.·         Proficiency in computer applications e.g.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio etc.·         Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary Human Resource practices and current issues.PERFORMANCE CRITERIA·         As per ABC’s Performance Management System.·         All tasks are undertaken in a proficient and timely manner including demonstrated use of initiative in undertaking designated tasks.·         Communication and negotiation skills are proficient to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.·         Working knowledge of positions within the section and ABC overall are developed to provide support and assistance on as required basis.

·         Demonstrates initiatives in systems development and change process.·         Ability to undertake special research projects.·         Provision of timely and accurate reports and statistics.·         Maintenance of associated files and aides.SIGHTED AND AGREEDNAME ……………………………………(employee)SIGNED ……………………………………….Date …………………………………….AUTHORISED BYNAME ……………………………………(supervisor)SIGNED ………………………………………Date ………………………………………I will visit advertising agency to help us in making a good advert. The agency may have other advantages such as:• Access to good locations for display ads in newspapers• Possibly being able to place an ad past the usual deadline• Access to and advice on a wider range of newspapers and journals• Assistance with wording of the adsAdvertisement for the vacant position: Internal Applicant                                    VACANCY! VACANCY!! VACANCY!!!                                            ABC MANUFACTURING                                               35 FACTORY ROAD                                                  BLACKTOWN                                                              POSITIONHuman Resource OfficerSECTIONCorporate Employment ServicesDEPARTMENTCorporate StrategyPOSITION NUMBERMC27REPORTS TOCoordinator Staff Development & Human ResourcesPOSITION GRADEBand 3 Salary (48,000)DATEOctober 2008The above named organization, here by offer the said position for interested applicant.

If you are able to fill the vacancy from within, you may end up with the final vacancy falling to an entry-type position.For more information you can contact the coordinator Staff Development & Human Resources.Table of Selection Criteria to Be Used For CullingNAMES OF APPLICANTSThose which satisfy all essential and desirable criteriaMeet the essential but not the desirable criteriaThose that do not meet essential criteriaYESMAYBENOList of Activities Needed in Planning the InterviewAn interview is a face to face meeting between employer and potential employee.It is an opportunity to obtain and assess information about a job applicant, which hopefully will enable a valid assessment to be made of likely future success and performance in the position. It gives us a chance to evaluate the applicant’s ability to do the job and satisfy the requirements.

·                  Notify applicants contact the applicants, advise them where to come, whom to ask for and   whom to contact if they are unable to attend·                     Notify appropriate personnel in the organization let your receptionist know the names of the applicants and interview times·                    Provide a reception area where applicants can wait in comfort·                    Set up interview room organize a quiet and comfortable room for interviewing·                    Schedule enough time for each interview so that you are not rushed·                    No interruptions ensure that you are not interrupted during the interviews·                     Have questions ready prepare your questions beforehand so that you can ask similar questions to all applicants as this makes comparison easier and lessens the possibility of discriminatory treatment·                     Review applications review the applicant’s résumé or application form before each interviewList of possible selection tests that could be used to assist in the selection process and justify them according to their relevance to this position.·         Open questions – this question is good for example: what did you like best about your previous position?’ or any other question starting with why, tell me…, how, what, explain, describe, and when. These require thought to answer and may lead to you asking a closed question to get more detail or clarification·         Closed questions – it will work effectively: For example, ‘Did you like giving presentations in you last job?’ or any question requiring a yes, no or a one-word answer. You will need to be careful with closed questions as it is easy for applicants to give you the answer they think you want. They can be useful though for clarification, for checking facts, or for getting a rambler back on track·         Compare and contrast- this question help too: For example, ‘What would be the main differences between your current role and the one you were doing at…?’Questions I intend to ask the applicants if they are invited for interview.

1. Communication and Interpersonal SkillsQ· with which of your past work groups did you most enjoy working? What factors most influenced your positive feelings? With which of your past work groups did you least enjoy working? What accounted for your lack of enjoyment? What did you do about it? What was the outcome?Q· Provide me with a specific example of a time when a co-worker or supervisor criticized your work in front of others. How did you respond? How has that event shaped the way you communicate with others?2. AssertivenessQ· Give me a specific example of a time when you sold your supervisor on an idea or concept. How did you proceed? What was the result?3. Job PerformanceQ· Describe the system you use for keeping track of multiple projects.

How do you track your progress so that you can meet deadlines? How do you stay focused? (commitment to task)Q· Tell me about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What things did you fail to do? What were the repercussions? What did you learn? (time management)4. Creativity and ImaginationQ· Tell me about a time when you came up with an innovative solution to a challenge your organization/department was facing. What was the challenge? What role did others play? What was your idea? What were the alternative approaches you considered? Why was this a particularly creative solution?5.

Decision-MakingQ· Describe a specific problem you solved for your employer. How did you approach the problem? What role did others play? What was the outcome?6. Willingness to Take RisksQ· in past positions, when do you most regret not having taken a particular risk? What was the nature of the risk? Why didn’t you pursue this risk?7. IntegrityQ· Give me an example of a situation that required you to compromise one of your basic principles. What was the situation? What principle did you compromise? Why did you compromise? How did you feel about it?8 Operating StyleQ· what are the basic work principles by which you try to operate? How are these basic work principles reflected in your work and job accomplishments? Give me some recent examples of how these work or operating principles benefited your performance. What principles did you employ? How did you behave? What was the result?Interview guide that I will use during the interview processBehavioral interviews: Behavioral interviews are linked with a high success rate. The theory behind behavioral interviews is that past behavior predicts future behavior.

Interview format: The interview needs to have an opening, a body and a closing. As well as this you need pre- and post-interview time.Opening: Introduce yourself and your role.Body: Ask prepared questions.Closing: Give the candidate opportunity to ask questions.Panel interviewsUsing more than one interviewer has many advantages:                        There is more than one opinion going into this important decision.

                        One person may miss or forget details.                        You can use someone with knowledge of the technical aspects of the role with someone experienced in interviewing (for example, from the human resources department).                        You can use both a male and a female or represent any minority groups if relevant, thus aiding equal opportunity.Preparing the interview sheet                        You will need to have a copy of all questions that you plan on asking and room to make notes during the interviewA reference checklist I will use to conduct employment reference checks on the successful applicants.                        Attached: Job description—including job title, salary range, etc.                        Attached: Person specification – including essential and desirable criteria                        Attached: Position approval (staffing requisition form, memo or proposal – signed)                        Justification of advertising strategy                        Attached: Copy of advertisement and details (time, location, etc)                        Summary of response to the advertisement                        Summary of assessment strategy (interviewing, forms, testing, etc)                        Attached: Assessment criteria form                        Details of selection panel                        Interview questions                        Summary of short listing                        Assessment of each applicant, including comparisons                        Referee comments                        Recommendation with justificationsA brief report outlining why your candidate is or isn’t successful.

What actions are you going to take in regard to other applicants you have interviewed.I will like to thank you all for coming for this interview. And I want to thank also everyone that has made this interview a great success without beating around the bush. I will like to use this opportunity to inform you the outcome of the interview. After a long interview session, we have some people came outstanding and other were not able to meet up to the standard we expected from them, with out going too far. The panel has decided to reach you as many of you, who are successful in this interview, we will call you on phone and to give you further details of what to do next. And if you are unfortunate to hear from us, it shows that you did not meet up the requirement for this post, you are contenting for. On behave of the panel, we wish you all the best in life and career.

You can always believe in yourself.Thank you.A letter advising candidate of their success and all information the candidate will require to making their decision.PRIVATEOctober, 2008Recruitment, Selection and Induction Essay [Initials] [Surname][Address 1]Dear Recruitment, Selection and Induction Essay [surname],Human Resource Officer, Vacancy Reference Number: MC27Further to our telephone conversation, I am pleased to confirm that I am recommending your appointment, subject to the processes mentioned below, to the above post in the Human Resources Officer at a salary of Band 3 Salary (48,000).As you have earlier shown interest in this post mentioned above. Please let me know as soon as possible, indicate the earliest date when you will be available to take up employment.  On hearing from you I will ask Human Resources to initiate the process of seeking a certificate of sponsorship for you. If a certificate is issued to you, and you are able to comply with the entry clearance requirements (assessed by the Agency), and any other pre-employment checks, then the ABC will be able to issue you with a formal contract of employment.

The start date will only be able to be confirmed with you once entry clearance has been given to you by the Agency.I look forward to hearing from you.Yours sincerelySuccessful candidate has accepted and is now ready to commence in this new position. This is an outline for a formal induction program for the new employee and to create an induction checklist that includes all pre-employment initiatives that should be implemented and paperwork that needs to be prepared and completed.The induction checklist and guide has been designed to provide you with easily accessible, relevant and useful information. Supervisors provide new employees with a local workplace induction during their first weeks of employment.Induction checklistNew staffs can also have a copy of this list – this enables them to follow what is happening and will act as a reminder of anything missed or that needs particular attention.

It should be the responsibility of both the employer and the new starter to ensure that all relevant items are properly covered during the induction period.Name …






………………………………………………………………Starting date ….





…..…………………………………………………….POSITION PURPOSETo provide support and services by undertaking all administrative functions associated with personnel matters, recruitment and induction together with assistance within the H/R unit to ensure completion of projects and assignments in an accurate and timely manner with the provision of an efficient relief service to the section on a daily basis.Act in accordance with the NSW OHS Act 2000, OHS Regulation 2001 and the OHS Management System to ensure a safe place of work.

AUTHORITYThe incumbent has the authority to take any reasonable action that is consistent with the responsibilities of the position and to ensure the safe and efficient undertaking of work activities, which are consistent with the responsibilities of the position. The incumbent’s authority is subject to any limitation imposed by the Management Team, Corporate Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions.KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES·         Ensure that ABC’s Policies, Custom and Practices are properly administered and communicated throughout council.·         Ensure all matters relative to employee administration as per job description are dealt with expeditiously with procedures and practices followed through to completion.·         Keep abreast of contemporary HR and IR issues, ideas and strategies occurring within the industry with a view of incorporating, where appropriate, into ABC’s current processes and practices.·         Assist with ensuring staff are implementing their Human Resource Management responsibilities with their day to day activities.OHS·         Act in accordance with the NSW OHS Act 2000, OHS Regulation 2001 and the OHS Management System.·         Implement, monitor and, or comply with councils OHS Management System, including but not limited to OHS Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Risk Assessments/Work Instructions and associated system tools in their relevant work area.

·         Adequately familiarize themselves with their OHS responsibilities and actively fulfill these as indicated in the OHS Responsibilities guideline OHS001EEODemonstrate appropriate knowledge of, and commitment to, equal employment opportunity principles and anti-discrimination law in the workplace.DUTIES·         Provide an efficient support role to other positions within the section.·         Assist in the development, evaluation and implementation of personnel policies and practices, including study and maternity leave.·         Prepare and maintain accurate reporting and statistics on various personnel related issues e.g. performance, competencies, exit questionnaires etc.

·         Responsible for the Apprentice/Traineeship recruitment and selection process on an annual basis.·         Conduct interviews including exit interviews.·         Represent H/R in the recruitment and selection process.·         Attendance at nominated committee meetings as required.·         Ensure all ABC positions have position descriptions that are correct and current. Position description details are to be entered onto the ABC Operational Management System·         Assist with maintaining Job Descriptions, Specifications and Duty Statements in an up-to-date form.·         Prepare relevant reports and correspondence.

·         Undertake facilitating tasks relating to training as directed.·         Assist in the ongoing training initiatives e.g.

first aid, language etc.·         Assist in the maintenance and control of H/R and Training Library and associated aides e.g. projector etc.

·         Oversight three monthly employment reviews and monitor progress to completion.·         Assist in the development of and implementation of ABC’s EEO program.·         Assist with the conduct of ABC’s Staff Consultative Committee.·         Undertake the conduct of ABC’s Health Screening Program.

·         Facilitate the annual assessment process for competency and performance reviews.·         Assist management, as and when required, in respect to disputes, enquiries, and appeals to industrial tribunals.·         Assist with providing advice to Management and staff on matters of a personnel nature including conditions of employment, entitlements and award interpretation.·         Facilitate and update staff induction programs.

·         Co-ordinate and undertake activities associated with the Student Work Experience Program and like projects e.g. Apprenticeship/Traineeship programs.·         Other duties as assigned within the scope of qualifications and experience.SIGHTED AND AGREEDNAME ……………………………………(employee)SIGNED ……………………………………….Date …………………………………….AUTHORISED BYNAME ……………………………………(supervisor)SIGNED ………………………………………Date ………………………………………ConclusionWe have come to the end of the recruitment, selection and induction.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the induction process and that if you have an opportunity to be directly involved in the design and operation of such a strategy, you will be able to apply some of the approaches discussed above. Effective induction or orientation does not end after the first few days, even though these are among the most important for a new employee.Reference


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